Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review of NYX round lipstick (pumpkin pie)

I love the name NYX ...there s a ring to it.
its musical and sounds fashionable.

i  saw the swatch of Pumpkin pie longgg ago when i was browsing for orangey lipstick.
it looked sooo pretty but back then there were no online cosmetics shops and when d new ones started cropping up they didn't have NYX.

it was like a dream come true when i saw these babies on SALE in stylecraze.
i wanted them so badly...but when i got it ,it was such a disappointment.
so i've decided to keep it away for my blog sale.

PUMPKIN PIE -its a warm nude color. its a lipstick that will look better on darker skin tones . On lighter skin like mine it ends up looking like i just gulped a bottle of concealer.(probably because the color is very close to my natural lip color). Though when swatched on hand it gives the loveliest light orange yet nude tinge which had me fooled for oh-its-the-perfect-lippy-am-looking-for.
turns out its not. its more of "hey avoid the lipstick" color.
and i'm really disappointed.

1. they're very creamy and moisturising
2.good pigmentation
3.very feminine packing
4. i love the shade(it really sad why it doesnt go with my skin tone)

1. they don't last long (maximum 2-3 hours)
2. strong smell (its just not for me. everytime i move my lips i feel like i'm eating the lipstick)
some people may like it others may not.
3. not suitable for light skin people

price Rs.300 (original price Rs.400)

Would i repurchase?
No wayyyy..not in this shade..maybe in some other .


  1. This kind of reminds me of Mac's freckletone. Just a wee bit orange. Looks gorgeous on your lips.

    1. thanx ...but sadly it looks good only in the reality its like a concealer :(.. dont forget to enter my giveaway :)

  2. Replies
    1. thank u :) @beauty never dates.. i l go check urs too :)

  3. hey i suggest dab the lip colour on with the help of your fingers makes the colour last long also you will notice slight change in the colour .. makes it sutle..

    1. @aditi - thanx :) but i already gave it away to my roomie hehe :p

  4. It's the cutest lipstick ever!