Friday, February 24, 2012

College Foundation day (Darbhanga medical college and hospital)

the catering area

the college Foundation day was the last bigggg function for my batch 2006.
it was nostalgic to think how we started as nothing and now we're being addressed as Doctors before our names.
there was the award ceremony. never in my wildest dream i thought i would bag a gold medal in surgery. i still don't believe it. 
the whole thing was overwhelming and though i'm happy i got the medal i secretly hoped that they would've given me a shopping spree gift card instead :p

there were classical dances , retro remixes and a random outburst of fiesty moves by one of our pharmacology teachers (he has hilarious moves!!), powerpoint presentation by one of our batchmates about the journey we've gone through from 1st year to 4th year(made us all sad :( )
lot of screaming, whistling and clapping (my hands still ache from all the clapping i did)

and how can i forget the super splendid dinner - jeera rice,puri, paneer masala, chicken masala, aloo dum, fruit salad, mocktails, ras malai . we hogged our hearts out.

woohoo!! the new audi

green room with my juniors

yay!! picture time with my batchmates :)

pre dinner time

Dr. UP singh award  :p
 i thought i'l wear western but when i opened my trunk
 (yes i'm like an army..i owe a trunk..which is a horrible idea but forgive me it was my first time in hostel and i had no idea trunks suck!!)

well coming back to clothes, when i opened my trunk i found this churidar suit from SOCH which i'd forgotten i even had (yes i hoard clothes lol) and i knew it was the perrrrfect one for the ocassion .:) 
paired it with a gold wedge i had(which i'd forgotten i have again!!) 
and carried a cream colored bag with 3D roses.

i made spiral curls for my hair . 
churidar set - by SOCH
ooo... n i curled my hair spirals :)

this is the bag i carried!! i love the floral details

exactly 30 days left to leave this place.
i know i'll miss my college and hostel life.
i guess i'll be leaving behind a little bit of my heart in Bihar :)


  1. this is soo reminding me of my CNMCH Agon fest days..left CNMCH last still aches..miss my college n hostel life is a different thing altogether :)btw congrats..

    ps - i had a trunk too,throughout hostel days :D

    1. @few un . stuff - ur from CNMCH? niceee :)
      and thanx :p

      isnt trunk the worst invention ever!!!? i try to tak out one top and for that i've to hurl the clothes upside down!! :(

  2. I left Darbhanga in 1980, went back for a day in 1987. You brought back some old memories.

  3. I left Darbhanga in 1980, went back for a day in 1987. You brought back old memories.

  4. Im glad you enjoyed the post....