Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maybelline color sensational moisture extreme Bronze Orange swatch & review

A person should be what his/ her name suggests (well in this case a lipstick).
BRONZE ORANGE- is exactly what d name says... its orange but not electric, a lil rusty look but very pretty on the lips. oh btw i have this feeling that all my lipsticks and lipsglosses are corally tinted :p what can i say... i love coral :)

this was the first official lipstick i bought for myself (the old ones i had were all hand me downs from my mom or aunts). and i didnt want to go for the shocking colors as you see working in hospitals is not very make up friendly. none of the girls wear make ups. and when i do put on some lipgloss and kohl i get this feeling that they're giving me "does -she- think- she s -going- to- a -fashion -show?" look (freaks me out!)

there are days i just leave for work only wearing sunscreens. at other times when i'm really in the "i don give a S%@t about what they think days" , i wear my Bronze orange.:)

if lipsticks were babies, Bronze Orange would be my favourite . and i'l call her little GIGI ^_*

1.extremely moisturising
2. i love the shade
3. very affordable

1. poor staying power maximum 3 hours.(runs like crazy)

price Rs.220
rating 4.5/5
would i repurchase? yes :)