Saturday, February 25, 2012

CUPCAKE nail art tutorial

hey lovelies ,
what are you gals upto this sunday?
as for me,it's pretty windy here and i'm broke lol
(i did too much online shopping the past month. i need to go on a diet!!)
but i can't stop myself when i see anything pretty...(umm.. we live only once right? see? now i'm making excuses..symptoms of a shopaholic :( ) :p

anyway, i haven't made any new nail art for long . i was still wearing my lady bird nail art for about 2 weeks (too lazy to make new ones or remove the old hehe).
so here i am this weekend , with my latest nail art -CUPCAKES!!

i love cupcakes... not only because they're tasty but more because they look so pretty !! (yes,i'm one one those girls who will buy anything just because it looks cute :))

anyway, too much with the yappings. here it goes-
use a brown nail polish to make this. this will be your cupcake paper holder

make black streaks to complete the cup (you can use a brush or a thin stick)

apply yellow polish directly with the brush . in ascending pattern like a pyramid

outline the pyramid with the brown polish. (this will be your icing)

make polka dots in diff colors :)

do the same with the other fingers
behold !! your cupcake nail art :)
NAIL polishes used-
1. brown - local brand (i didn't have a brown polish so i bought it on the way to hospital :P)
2.yellow - VOV
3.purple - ENVY
4. orange - VOV
5. black VOV
6. green VOV