Saturday, February 4, 2012

Note To Self

Lately i've been drowning in a whirlpool of mixed emotions. exactly one month and 20 days to go for my internship to get over and i have no idea where i should go from here.
The Evangelical Hospital associations from Duncan are asking me to come and work for them in Raxaul,East champaran,Bihar India.
Get invovled with Mission charity hospital in North India, but  i'm not really sure thats what i want to do.i'm not saying working in mission hospital is a bad idea. The thing is i want to work in North East India.

and secretly because i have spent all my life first trying hard to finish 10 yrs of High School and soon afer that get into higher secondary school (where i spent another 2 yrs studying maths & science) and then working my ass off to get into Med school (another 5& half yrs) and now i have to work???
ok...i admit that i love Medicine and yes i want to save lives and do great things but when all my friends have been out there living their lives ,i've been here trying to get through one semester to another.
So now that i have a chance to do the things i reallllllyyy wanted (besides being a doctor) i'm not going to give it all up and go for post graduation or work .

there are a list of things i've always wanted to try and this time nothing is going to stop me :P

1. learn baking and working with icings +decorations
2. i've always wanted to learn swimming but i never got break from my studies(!)
3. eat whatever i want,whenever i want and not think about not getting my fav cuisines.
4. be creative as i can get and not stop being so
(something i gave up when i came to med school due to lack of time)
5. travel & try different cuisines
6.learn taekwondo(hiya)
7.and start sewing my own clothes
8. but above all things i want to run my own hospital in my hometown.
(i know that's a big thing but i've come this far ,i know i can go farther)

everything will happen in its own time and place. NOW is the time for list no 1 to 5. 
there will also be time to do my Specialisation too somewhere in the
(and i'm keeping my finger crossed for Paediatrics)

But what i realllllyyy want to accomplish is to be a Whole human being who has lived her life to the fullest and not regret about all the things she could have done, sing as if no one s listening, love as if there s no tomorrow and SHOP as if the world's gona end hehe

oh and did i tell u - i want to own a home with hugeee lawn, french windows , wooden floor and a Mini Cooper...
but well thats just my thought.
what about u??


  1. I know how hard it will be to leave & go to a whole new city!Hope your dreams comes true :)
    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog,hope you participate :) here->Giveaway time!!

    1. thank u dear :) gona enter ur giveaway :)

    2. sorry that the fb link is not working.
      try this link,should work She rockin them Stilettos

      if not you can click like on FB widget thats on my blog page(top of the page)
      thank you :)

  2. A great note written to urself! this is somewhat similar to my 1st note.. listen to ur instincts!
    i think v all started with our blogs, becoz we wanted to do what we really wanted to do. and endure our passion for beauty make up n fashion! Lovely phil...go strong! u can absolutely get everythin u wish! <3