Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lotus herbal pure colors Carnation 640 review and swatches

Carnations were mentioned in Greek literature 2,000 years ago. "Dianthus" scientific name was coined by Greek botanist Theophrastus, and is derived from the Greek words for divine ("dios") and flower ("anthos").
 Some scholars believe that the name "carnation" comes from "coronation" or "corone" (flower garlands), as it was one of the flowers used in Greek ceremonial crowns. Others think the name stems from the Latin "caro" (genitive "carnis") (flesh), which refers to the original colour of the flower, or incarnatio (incarnation), which refers to the incarnation of God made flesh.
carnation flowers come in amazingly large variable colors . my aunt used to grow them in her flower pots and i never got tired of looking at the tiny ruffled petals . God is an amazing artist :)

coming to the Lotus herbal pure color s lipstick Carnation, its the first peach lipstick i'm wearing. though it looks coral peachy , the orange tint doesn't show up on my lips . 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SINFUL DELIGHTS - Ferrero rocher

For those of you who do not know me , if i wasn't a fashion blogger , i'll be a food blogger :)
and i'm shifting to delhi next month .yay!!so get ready to read all about whats tasty and whats not .

and by sinful delights i'm referring to my favourite chocolate ie ferrero rocher
it was introduced to me by my foodie BFF (@shaingam).
when we girls get together! we don't talk about guys , we talk about something more sinful like food lol

Nivea Glammorous gloss Pink sugar review

if there is one thing i can't live without it is lipgloss . i don't really care about lipsticks/kohl.
come winter or spring , i have a lipgloss with me wherever i go.
dry chaps make me feel dull and psycholigically sick lol (i'm not kidding)

i don't remember ever buying this gloss :p

i think i just took it from my brother's table (and no..he doesn't apply bubblegum flavored gloss ,its probably his gf"s ) :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

crystal little hearts (stud earrings)

there s this shop called THE KLICK STORE run by a lovely girl named Karishma :)

she says 
"I've taken my hobby of making accessories to a greater level by starting out this page.
I used to crave for accessories that were different and could be customised. Which i wouldn't see many people sporting.
So here i am with my own accessory line.
Feel free to email me your comments and feedback about the products.
Hope you find something that's irressistable and you'd simply wanna own it !"

she has pretty trinkets and other accessories . but when i saw these lovelies i knew i must have it hehe
i've seen similar one elsewhere but at an illegal price (if you know what i mean!!)
her store is very reasonable and i love hanging out there just browsing around .

after placing the order it reached me within a week 
(which is a big deal because i'm in the remotest town of bihar) .
the postal rate was cheap . <3 

so i really wanted to do a blog post about what i got from her.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

CUPCAKE nail art tutorial

hey lovelies ,
what are you gals upto this sunday?
as for me,it's pretty windy here and i'm broke lol
(i did too much online shopping the past month. i need to go on a diet!!)
but i can't stop myself when i see anything pretty...(umm.. we live only once right? see? now i'm making excuses..symptoms of a shopaholic :( ) :p

Lotus herbal pure colors rose madder

Lotus launched new lippies "pure colors" in 12 shades.
they are enriched with jojoba oil and aloevera :)

 613 11-Mod Mauve.668 12-Nutty Brown .666 13-Orchid kiss  .645 14-Pink Blush .614 15-Peach cream .691 16-Perky Peach .690 17-Rose Madder .611 18-Red Rose. 612 19-Rose Wood .641 20-Sheer Fus1-Burnt Siena 660 2-Carnation 640 3-Caorice 680 4-Copper Gold 661 5-Crimson Red 610 6-Golden Dusk 685 7-Hot Plum 643 8-Lilac Breeze 681 9-Lilac Beauty  644 10-Maroon Delight chia  642 21-Star Glow  667 22-Sassy Mocha 665

Friday, February 24, 2012

College Foundation day (Darbhanga medical college and hospital)

the catering area

the college Foundation day was the last bigggg function for my batch 2006.
it was nostalgic to think how we started as nothing and now we're being addressed as Doctors before our names.
there was the award ceremony. never in my wildest dream i thought i would bag a gold medal in surgery. i still don't believe it. 
the whole thing was overwhelming and though i'm happy i got the medal i secretly hoped that they would've given me a shopping spree gift card instead :p

there were classical dances , retro remixes and a random outburst of fiesty moves by one of our pharmacology teachers (he has hilarious moves!!), powerpoint presentation by one of our batchmates about the journey we've gone through from 1st year to 4th year(made us all sad :( )
lot of screaming, whistling and clapping (my hands still ache from all the clapping i did)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Join StyleCraze Community for the latest Updates & Advise from you favourite Bloggers

so i've been recently asked by Chetana of to be a member of their website community .
i liked the concept where fashion bloggers can communicate among themselves and also with the other, post their recent blogs and help each other solve any beauty dilemma we face.
eg . tomorrow is my college foundation day and i was so confused what to wear. i posted it on the community discussion board and got so many ideas from all the fellow bloggers , i was bursting with ideas after that !!
(well now you see the kind of wonders we can do when we put our heads together :))

anyway they are having a giveaway and this is a blog post about it.
to know more heard over there STYLECRAZE COMMUNITY

Oriflame vivid lipstick (luscious pink 4297) swatch n review

                                                "California girls, we're unforgettable                                                         Daisy dukes, bikinis on top                                                            Sun-kissed skin, so hot                                                          We'll melt your popsicle"

if i ever go to a costume party then i know this is one shade i'm going to wear because i 'l be dressed like Katy Perry .and i'l be dancing to California girls lol i love her!!! and this color is sooo Katy.:)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

lets twist , twist and twist ( hairstyle for medium to long hair)

i'm a big fan of hair buns. oh well! its not like i really have an option when it comes to working in hospitals under hot and humid Bihar climate. 
the good thing is i have learnt about 10 different ways to style my hair in buns
 (which is pretty cool i must admit :p)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

yes its still cold here :p

how many of you lovely ladies out there are dying for spring to come raise your hands ?(MEEEE!!!)
although i cannot wait for this cold weather to get over , i'm really gonna miss my winter dresses.
this is the detailed outfit i wore on Vday.
just thought i 'l put it up before it gets too hot and i won't even wanna look at anything warm ...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lotus herbal floral glam lipstick "O" orange swatch and review

If you are a lady cyborg who doesnt speak or eat,but just sits and her main role is to look pretty then Lotus floral glam orange might be the perrrrfect lipstick for you :P

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lady bird nail art tutorial

oh have you girls seen the animation "a bugs life" and there is a part where the houseflies are hooting at the Lady bird and HE screams in a very manly voice"not all lady birds are female"!!
i find that hilarious.

this nail art actually started out as a retro polka dot nail art but ended in this lol

Thursday, February 16, 2012

food , fun and more food

hi girlies :)

do you know i'm a foodie? i dream, eat, walk and dance food .
well...its not a very good thing esp when i'm stuck in a place like Darbhanga,bihar.
i can't have KFC whenever i want, hog on lemon tart or cheese cakes.

there are 3 alright non vegetarian restaurants- Durga, Cafeteria & Ganga
if you want my advice avoid Durga unless you plan to drown yourself in bucket of food floating on oil and free salmonella .

Cafeteria is where i usually hang out. its a pretty open space and that s why i like it because the love birds avoid going there (and yes i don't like places frequented by lovers). i've never tried their vegetarian food (i don't go to restaurants to eat dal makhani...:P) but from what i;ve heard its not very good .
however if you're a chicken fan then this place might just be the one you're looking for.

Ganga is luxurious. But its half an hour away from the hostel by rickshaw and by the time i reach there i'm either too tired to eat or too dusty and grossed out. and even if i do eat there , the food is already digested by the time i reach home (bumpy ride)

heres what we had when me and my roomie went out for dinner on Valentine s day (and NO we are not lesbians just very straight people whose bfs live thousand miles away from us) :p

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pink hearts & bedazzled nail art

So fashionistas , how did you spend your Valentine's day?

As for me and my girlies, we made nail arts and went out for dinner.
took lotsa crazy pics and hogged like crazy :)
came home and took more pics. hehe.

here s what i wore for my nails

Monday, February 13, 2012

Super feminine Valentine s day hairstyle for long hair

(view from above)
i've been getting a lot of request to make tutorials for the hairstyles i'm posting on my blog.
of all the styles i make on my long hair, my "favouritest" (if such a word exists lol) .
i love it because it s super chic and easy to make- ideal for both work place or even for a romantic dinner .
You don't have to be a professional to do this-

Saturday, February 11, 2012

♥♥Valentine s day Hairstyles for medium length hair♥♥

Dutch braid with ribbon
The Big day is drawing nearer - guys rushing out to buy gifts for their gfs.
girls getting busy with shopping and losing their sleep over what to wear :p
But ladies, when you're done picking out the perfect outfit don't forget to try something fun and crazy with your hair this year :)
we all love French braids.don't we? Dutch braid is similar to the French one except that its the inside out of it.
believe me , dutch is soo much cooler than french braids.
To add your own touch ,you can braid your cute ribbon along with the hair stands like the one i have done below and finish it off with a simple bow .
You can also wear this hairstyle for your daily work (minus the ribbon)

Faces glam on cream blush (Peach glow) review & swatch

Roses are red
violets are blue
honey is sweet
but not as sweet as....
"oh wait!!! is that a peach blush?"(and she forgets all about the romantic scenery*) :p

yes! that s what peach blushes does to me. it knocks me out .

As you know by now i love everything peachy- lipsticks, lip gloss and blushes.

My favourite among the blushes i've tried so far is my Faces Glam on cream blush in peach glow.
for those who know less about FACES here s a lil about them

FACES is a proven business with an established history of nearly 40 years within the international cosmetics market. 
Our rapidly growing concept consists of over 60 locations in 8 countries throughout North America, Central America, 
South America, Europe, the Caribbean and soon expanding in India and the Middle East.

FACES products are unique due to the fact that we produce and manufacture our own products, enabling us to react quickly to market trends. The diversity and depth of our color range appeals to all skin tones.

The FACES concept is a simple one franchisees own and operate beautiful stand-alone boutiques in high traffic locations, selling the exclusive, high-quality, extensive and affordable prestige FACES color cosmetics, skin care and anti-aging products and spa services.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i'm in my early 20 s ,wayyyyy beyond the pimply adolescent period but OMG i cant stop liking cute girly stuffs . and that my friend is my introduction to "Hello Kitty" my new nail art.
i super love Hello Kitty.
my Bf got me this really cute ring of that Brand and i cherish it too much that i dont even wear it.
its white crystal studded & pink crystals for the bow and its the cutest one i've ever laid eyes on.^_*

anyway coming back to the nail art.
i'm down with a terribleee flu (which i contracted from some patients ...being posted in ENT dept..not a very pleasant experience i tell you..)
my nose is running. my eyes are smarting...really teary and i cant even sit up even for an hour.
i've been inside the mosquito net the whole day (skipped work), stayed under the blankets with a hot water bag ! taken all the anti-histaminics and it still wont stop.
i've covered myself in Vicks vaporub And i'm damn sure i look like RuDOLF the red nose reindeer from all d sniffling and blowing :(

i wanted to feel better so i started making this nail art and OMG i feel so much better already...
it turned out preety cute & i drooled lol

Lakme Peacock quartet Eye Shadow review & swatches

i love this eye shadow because it has all the colors i like (well except for the blue one ...because i'm not really into blue.
the following are the shades
- forest green
bright inky blue
deep maroon

i'm a total green fan so its obvious i love d green.
my mom loves the maroon (its a warm motherly shade).
the blue one is a lil OTT for me plus it looks too inky .

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maybelline color sensational moisture extreme Bronze Orange swatch & review

A person should be what his/ her name suggests (well in this case a lipstick).
BRONZE ORANGE- is exactly what d name says... its orange but not electric, a lil rusty look but very pretty on the lips. oh btw i have this feeling that all my lipsticks and lipsglosses are corally tinted :p what can i say... i love coral :)

this was the first official lipstick i bought for myself (the old ones i had were all hand me downs from my mom or aunts). and i didnt want to go for the shocking colors as you see working in hospitals is not very make up friendly. none of the girls wear make ups. and when i do put on some lipgloss and kohl i get this feeling that they're giving me "does -she- think- she s -going- to- a -fashion -show?" look (freaks me out!)

there are days i just leave for work only wearing sunscreens. at other times when i'm really in the "i don give a S%@t about what they think days" , i wear my Bronze orange.:)

if lipsticks were babies, Bronze Orange would be my favourite . and i'l call her little GIGI ^_*

Monday, February 6, 2012

rapunzel !send down your golden hair :)

if Rapunzel was in this century i bet she would have gone wackadoodle from allllll the hair accessory options that are available now- starting from the 60's alligator clip to clutches to hold the hair together... from the crochet hair bands to the simple bow ones, scottish checked prints and retro polka dots (oh i'l never run out of things to say when it comes to hair accessories)
i own a dozen of hair bands but thats a story for another day.
today i'm gona post about this really cute clutch i got from Siliguri (there's a store in one of the malls...and its filled with "Hello Kitty " goodies. starting from book marks(!) , watches, cell phone decals, finger rings,mobile hangings  etc etc.
however , i just got the ring and a clutch.
umm.. the other brown flower hair band is from bangalore :)

i know !i know! aint this the cutest clutch everrrr??

accessories and more accessories

well by now you must know that i am craaaaaazzzzyyyyy about accessories.
i've been collecting them ever since i can remember.
its like a sweet addiction (everyone has their Achilles tendon... mine is accessories)

here are some new ones i got from Westside.

the layered pearl necklace can be worn over a LBD for dinner party or weddings :)

Lakme Lip love Charmer swatch & review

One of my fav buy this winter is Lakme Lip Love charmer.
as the name suggests "charmer " is a real charmer- warm pinkish orange(more orange than pink).
it gives a natural look and i like it for that because i don like over doing my lips.

they come in 3 more shades - siren, hottie, flirt .
i found charmer best suited for me.the others were too pink (and i must be the only girl who doesn't like pink) !!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Note To Self

Lately i've been drowning in a whirlpool of mixed emotions. exactly one month and 20 days to go for my internship to get over and i have no idea where i should go from here.
The Evangelical Hospital associations from Duncan are asking me to come and work for them in Raxaul,East champaran,Bihar India.
Get invovled with Mission charity hospital in North India, but  i'm not really sure thats what i want to do.i'm not saying working in mission hospital is a bad idea. The thing is i want to work in North East India.

♥♥♥ its raining hearts ♥♥♥

i was just doodling on my nails and this was the outcome .
you can wear this for your Valentine s day date or just for random girl s day out

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review of NYX round lipstick (pumpkin pie)

I love the name NYX ...there s a ring to it.
its musical and sounds fashionable.

i  saw the swatch of Pumpkin pie longgg ago when i was browsing for orangey lipstick.
it looked sooo pretty but back then there were no online cosmetics shops and when d new ones started cropping up they didn't have NYX.

spring fling

this nail art was never supposed to happen :p
i was kinda busy thinking about making some nail arts for Valentine s day but then decided to do something before it (that was last night).
this morning i woke up and just got down to business lol
i wanted to try experimenting with lighter colors but as it turns out when it comes to nail art ,light colors are not very helpful(esp when you try to take their pics it turns out gloomy and disappointing).
i tried my best to get it right...this is all i could do.
they look much better on the fingers than on pictures.
the apple green is such a lovely shade but in the pictures it just won't show :(
anyway here  they are