Thursday, February 16, 2012

food , fun and more food

hi girlies :)

do you know i'm a foodie? i dream, eat, walk and dance food .
well...its not a very good thing esp when i'm stuck in a place like Darbhanga,bihar.
i can't have KFC whenever i want, hog on lemon tart or cheese cakes.

there are 3 alright non vegetarian restaurants- Durga, Cafeteria & Ganga
if you want my advice avoid Durga unless you plan to drown yourself in bucket of food floating on oil and free salmonella .

Cafeteria is where i usually hang out. its a pretty open space and that s why i like it because the love birds avoid going there (and yes i don't like places frequented by lovers). i've never tried their vegetarian food (i don't go to restaurants to eat dal makhani...:P) but from what i;ve heard its not very good .
however if you're a chicken fan then this place might just be the one you're looking for.

Ganga is luxurious. But its half an hour away from the hostel by rickshaw and by the time i reach there i'm either too tired to eat or too dusty and grossed out. and even if i do eat there , the food is already digested by the time i reach home (bumpy ride)

heres what we had when me and my roomie went out for dinner on Valentine s day (and NO we are not lesbians just very straight people whose bfs live thousand miles away from us) :p

Spring roll
Chicken pakora
my fav- chicken boneless kebab

the total came to somewhere around Rs.450. but we got 10% discount since it was valentine s day and we were MEDICOS lol (stupid reason..i knowww!!)

and oh did u notice that we only had meat & no rice?:P
we were kinda fed up of eating rice so we thought we'll hog on chicken only.


    havent had it for ages...i dunno where to get it here in calcutta
    havent had anything from morning now all i can say is GROWL! GROWL! GROWL!