Friday, October 25, 2013

Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review

 I really needed a good stippling brush to smoothen out my bb creams/foundations.
So i got Colorbar Duo Fiber Stippling Brush for Rs.1000.
I've been using this for almost 6 months now and here comes the final verdict.
Is it worth the money?

It has a long silver grey handle which gives good grip.
The brush as the name suggest is duo fiber.
It is synthetic.
The bristles are soft and dense.
The black bristles are shorter than the white ones.
It blends bb creams/foundations very well to give a flawless finish.
Looks like a dupe of MAC 187.
Dot the bb creams/foundations all over the face and gentle dab with this brush.
And blend in light circular motion to get airbrush finish.
Can also be used for Blushes and highlighters (though i've never tried it for those purposes)
 For the first 1 month i was pretty impressed because it did the job well and there was no shedding.
But after a couple of months and washing every 10-14 days it started shedding like crazy.
The shedding doesn't stop even though i use Sephora brush cleanser in days when i don't wash it.
You can see from the picture below the amount of bristles it sheds per wash.
And to say this is just a segment.
Takes really long to dry.
 I am very disappointed with this brush and now i dread using it because everytime i use it there are stray bristles on my face!!!
It is lying there in my vanity case hopelessly.
I don't even want to throw it away.
Maybe i'll use it for cleaning my laptop keyboard.
And that is a very sad ending to a happy love affair.
To think this is from their professional brush range is disappointing.
I would suggest my readers to stay away from this brush and invest in some other products.


  1. it seems colorbar is somehow not able to strike the right cords with its brushes....they got none right so far. Have they?

  2. And to think I spent 1000 on this crappy product! !!

  3. lol, why do they do this to the brushes? not one is good! :\
    anyways try the kryolan one, nice it is... the best ofcourse is Sigma F80 :D nice review :)

  4. yes, you suffered the most :(

  5. If you buy an expensive brush, you want good quality too, not one that sheds so much. This is so sad.

  6. I love stippling brushes! They are good for a couple of things: blush and foundation. You just have to get a good one. Yes, I agree that Sigma is good. BH Cosmetics are not.

  7. Next time I ll try kryolan

  8. I know.... :-( the shedding is crazy

  9. sigma costs bomb and since im not a pro im not too enthusiastic about shelling out a lot for it. Besides I get bored and cant use any product for more than a year

  10. On the bright side im neverrrr gona buy brushes from them again lol

  11. omg this is bad :( this was one of the brushes i wanted to buy when i got my first stippling brush. but instead i got the vega one n i really like it!

  12. What a disappointment I was really hoping that this would work because I actually had my eye on it ):

  13. I never knew they had a stippling brush! Too bad they shed :(

  14. Shedding :( Awesome pictures Loved the Review dear :D

  15. I am normally drawn in by face brushes. Good you warned me off. I do not like the accessories from Colorbar, I mean the makeup tools. They never cut deep for me.
    In the same locus, for brushes check out buyincoin. I recently got a set and I am more than happy. ( Coming from a person who owns two Sigma F80s :P )

  16. I love face brushes. Recently into eye brushes too. I envy u for owning sigma <3 definitely gona try buyincoins

  17. I know :-( sucks

  18. I m not sure if colorbar is sold outside India

  19. I haven't tried the Vega one. What's the price?

  20. Thanks for the review and saving us from this bad and expensive brush!!!

  21. i think it was around 750 when i bought it last year.

  22. Ive heard such bad reviews about all their brushes ! Its so expensive too.. You sudve tried the Mac Stippling brush.. :)
    xoxo <3

  23. I knowwww!! I must've been out of my mind when I bought this

  24. im glad it helps lol

  25. That's pretty affordable