Friday, February 17, 2012

Lady bird nail art tutorial

oh have you girls seen the animation "a bugs life" and there is a part where the houseflies are hooting at the Lady bird and HE screams in a very manly voice"not all lady birds are female"!!
i find that hilarious.

this nail art actually started out as a retro polka dot nail art but ended in this lol
here s the stepwise procedure-

.start off with base coat if you're planning to wear the nailpolish for many days .base coats protects your nails. i always avoid the base coats because i wear the nail polish for only a day or two (work related problem).
make a red oval directly with the nailpolish brush
draw a straight black line in the centre
make a black oval for the head
dot the body
draw the legs with a thin paint brush or toothpicks :p
i used a pink nail polish for the eyes!
finish off with a top coat.

  • Street wear - fiery femme (red)
  • black VOV powerlasting nailpolish( the polish name is written in korean so cant make it out)
  • orange VOV powerlasting nailpolish
  • pink (the ldy bird's eyes) KONAD nail art pen
  • top coat - COLORSTREET shade no 101


wasn't that easy peasy??


  1. Replies
    1. i luv ur nail art supero dupero cute..i ll try dis soon <3 polka dots.
      yes we have contest on blog do participate u ll hav lotta fun :D

    2. pls do try and let me knw hw it turned out :) @spruha
      i wld love to join the contest but i don hv anything fm ur shop :(

  2. thats so, cooool!!!!
    i would like more of nail art tutorials....