Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 spring color trend

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" -P. B. Shelley

i'm not really a winter person. it makes me moody and down right lazy. the only thing that kept me going this winter is the thought of spring that would soon ensue.
also i'm tired oflooking at dark colors- black, grey, brown , maroon, deep purple.

i just wanna see some bright hues that will cheer me up .
and the happy news is 2012 spring is all about bright colors!!
do you know the color trend this year is Tangerine tango?

oh i sooo loveeee orange. well but i guess you already know that hehe umm... well its the main color but not the only one!

so here they are


lemon yellow

coral pink

aren't they the prettiest shades you've ever laid eyes on?:p
i can't wait for spring to come... 
i've to start saving money to buy them!!


  1. I already made up my Mind for ORANGES & CORALS ..before this review and u just gave me a confirmation..Oh btw the lemon yellow is tempting too! thanks philamazan..great review! keep us posted! :)) xoxoxo

    1. i've been crazy after corals since like forever. all my lipsticks and glosses are corals and orangee hehe and thanx. :) m glad u liked it !!

  2. Oh and I <3 ur blog...so full of LOVE...Damn cuteeee it is! Keep 'em coming..u write damn nice..reviews! :)