Sunday, February 26, 2012

crystal little hearts (stud earrings)

there s this shop called THE KLICK STORE run by a lovely girl named Karishma :)

she says 
"I've taken my hobby of making accessories to a greater level by starting out this page.
I used to crave for accessories that were different and could be customised. Which i wouldn't see many people sporting.
So here i am with my own accessory line.
Feel free to email me your comments and feedback about the products.
Hope you find something that's irressistable and you'd simply wanna own it !"

she has pretty trinkets and other accessories . but when i saw these lovelies i knew i must have it hehe
i've seen similar one elsewhere but at an illegal price (if you know what i mean!!)
her store is very reasonable and i love hanging out there just browsing around .

after placing the order it reached me within a week 
(which is a big deal because i'm in the remotest town of bihar) .
the postal rate was cheap . <3 

so i really wanted to do a blog post about what i got from her.

it came well wrapped in a bubble bag :)

isn't that the preetiest earring holder ?
and a cute thank you note (how thoughtful :) 

PRICE - 129 plus 40 for shipping :)

so go check it out and grab one for yourself too !!!