Saturday, February 11, 2012

♥♥Valentine s day Hairstyles for medium length hair♥♥

Dutch braid with ribbon
The Big day is drawing nearer - guys rushing out to buy gifts for their gfs.
girls getting busy with shopping and losing their sleep over what to wear :p
But ladies, when you're done picking out the perfect outfit don't forget to try something fun and crazy with your hair this year :)
we all love French braids.don't we? Dutch braid is similar to the French one except that its the inside out of it.
believe me , dutch is soo much cooler than french braids.
To add your own touch ,you can braid your cute ribbon along with the hair stands like the one i have done below and finish it off with a simple bow .
You can also wear this hairstyle for your daily work (minus the ribbon)

here's a wacky one you can make for you younger sister or your daughter .
make a half tie and flip the hair inside out.
then divide it into sections and braid it normally.
tie them in the end together.
you can leave it as it is as shown in the first pic. or you can tie the whole hair together and add a cute red bow to express the Valentine s message :)
1. half tied                                                                      2. fully tied
have fun trying it!!
and happy St.Valentine s day