Sunday, June 2, 2013

Skin79 Oriental Gold BBcream Review

Today i will be reviewing Skin79 Oriental BBcream which i received from
This website mainly deals with Korean circle lenses.
But also have some Beauty products as well.

As you all know i'm more of a BBcream person.
I rarely use foundations.
Probably because i am lazy ;p 
BBcream has all the goodness of primer,moisturiser,improves skin texture,treats blemishes etc.
(and i am not talking about the BBcreams from Garnier,Maybelline or Ponds.According to me they are all wannabe tinted moisturisers masquerading as BBcreams)
If you ever do find the true BBcream that matches your skin tone then that's where your search ends.
That will involve a lot of work and research as majority of the GOOD and GENUINE BBcreams comes in only one shade.
Such a bummer.
But it will be worth it.
Triple effect BB cream keeps skin shining and lifting through whitening and wrinkle care effect, 
making uneven skin tone and skin texture clean with rich feel of hydration softly cohering to skin and protecting skin exposed to UV rays.
Patent ingredients of Oriental Tea Newplex and Peptatox Complex care skin to be sleek and firming by activating the original function of skin with Gold and Caviar Extracts and Oriental Sue Formula maintaining ideal condition of skin by keeping optimal skin balance and comfortably soothing skin internally and externally damaged.
Womanish rose pink color of Lip & Cheek completes brilliant and vital makeup on dull lip and cheek.
It comes in a Golden color conatiner which is a pump dispenser.
The lid has a small round mirror and tinted blush/balm .
My only problem is that the pump dispenses a lottt of product so you have to be extra gentle.
In the pack ,it looks more coral.
But when swatched.
It is a lovely warm pink shade.
The tint is moisturising and has an amazing staying power.

The Oriental Gold BBcream is a greyish pink shade (unlike the Skin79 Super BBcream orange color which is more on the yellow side.)
This is Perfect for my skin tone as i have pinkish undertone and most of the BBcreams i own are yellowish grey .
As you can see from my hand swatch, the color blends right into my skin.
First few minutes after application it looks like the BBcream makes me look pale.
But after a while it settles and gives mild to moderate coverage.
 It has a floral fragrance.
And gives dewy finish.
Feels very light on the face and doesn't cause breakouts.
Fills pores and fine lines.
Gives a flawless look.
Not very camera friendly as when used with flash lights it gives a whitish cast.
I use COLORBAR Professional Duo stippling brush to apply the BBcream.
You can buy it from Loveshoppingholics HERE
PRICE- $35.98 (approx Rs.1800)
But they are having discount at the moment $29.99 (appox Rs.1500)
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  1. great clicks Phil :) loved the way you reviewed it :) would love try one of these oriental BB creams. You seem to rave about them alot!

  2. thanks dear.
    Next time i get some samples i'll send them over to you .
    do remind me.
    Bb creams are amazing.
    But you have to be sure to find your matching shade else you'll end up looking like a ghosts instead :p

  3. I loved the last pic ... Your always make me go for BB creams, sigh there is not much choice for yellow undertones :/

  4. hehe thanks :p
    skin 79 orange one has yellow undertones.
    But its matte.

  5. This looks lovely, the packaging is so nice & I love that it comes with the mirror & the cheek & lip tint.
    I really wish we could get better BB creams in the UK.

    Jess xo

  6. you can try ordering it online :)

  7. Tanya Tonéva IliévaJune 2, 2013 at 6:59 AM

    This BB cream looks great! I would love to try it as it seems fair enough for me. And the tint in the cap is a brilliant idea!
    My current favorite BB cream is Holika Holika Baby Bloom Light BB. Since I first found BB creams on the internet I can't imagine going out without it.

  8. same here!!
    i love bb creams so much :p

    im yet to try Holika Holika

  9. 1500rs? Is it really worth it? I have been using Garnier one for now, but need to change!
    And pleaseeee give me your beautiful hair and flawless skin :D

  10. wow!!! thanks dear :) & LOL!! I totally get the ghosty part. There re enough aunties doing it here with their foundations. I dont wanna compete with them.

  11. can you name me a list of good bbcream brands available in india? and can we use it everyday? is it safe? and do we have to apply it with a moisturiser? i am thinking of going with Kiehl's any other recommendation? please help.....

  12. Nice review. I
    Have tried all the BB cream that have launched in India, and find that Pond's one is the better of the lot :)

  13. It is totally worth it. But make sure u get the shade that suits ur skin tone or else it's a waste 💋

  14. Kiehl's I have read good reviews about it.the body shop also has a good bb cream but if u must buy one I suggest u invest in the real Asian bb creams .do email me if you want to know more

  15. I'm not a huge fan of garnier or maybelline ones. Yet to try ponds but I bet it won't be comparable to the Korean bb creams

  16. i have heard so much about korean bb creams. Just not sure if they would suit indian skin. what do you think?

  17. Great review dear!!! I would love to try this:)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  18. It will definitely suit Indian skin but the only problem is majority of the Korean bbcreams come in only one it can get tricky.but if you do find a shade that suits u then hold on to it ❤💜💞❤

  19. Haha I know what u mean 😜

  20. Even I want to try out the original BB creams but nothing matches my skin tone :((

  21. that s the biggest problem with these BBcreams :(

  22. I love the coverage! I'm also glad to hear it oxidizes. I think since Korean BB creams always tend to be on the very fair side when it comes to shades, more of them should oxidize a bit so that it adjusts to skin tones like mine better, with me being fair skinned but not exactly porcelain, if you know what I mean.

    I hope they have this particular Skin79 one here! I've only seen the hot pink and orange one, but this looks familiar, so maybe they do have it and I just didn't pay close attention. Haha. Although I could be mistaking this for the Snail Nutrition BB Cream...

  23. wow it comes in such a luxurious package.. i would love to try this one.. and the lip tint looks so pretty on u :)

  24. gosh this looks so luxe! I really want to try a REAL BB cream as the ones I've tried like Garnier are to be frank, RUBBISH.

    Emily Jane xo

  25. i think this will totally suit u

  26. oooo...i badly want to try the snail bbcream next :p
    true -they have similar package

  27. haha i know wht u mean.
    i think they just named any tinted moisturizer bb cream trying to fool us

  28. I don't have a favorite BB cream. I've tried a BB cream from Garnier and i didn't like it. I really want to try this one. It looks amazing. :D

  29. thanks for the review :D

  30. Wow! i badly want to try the snail bbcream)

  31. Miss Ehara's ClosetJuly 8, 2013 at 5:17 AM

    Great review,,i always want to try thisBB cream :-)

  32. Awesome post however I like CC Creams to BB Creams

    The Blah Queen
    CC Cream Review

  33. I want this!!!!!!!!!! I think I need it. I am pretty pale so it migh work for me.

    I Am THE Makeup Junkkie

  34. will put urs up now :) <3

  35. I'll have a look online, shipping always seems to make things so expensive though :(
    I've just put your blog button up xo