Saturday, March 15, 2014

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum Review

 I'm almost down to the last few pumps of this life saver product Innisfree Green Tea seed Serum.
And now i know its ready for a thorough review.
The main reason why i hate winter is because my skin becomes really dry and flaky.
That was the story before Innisfree Green Tea Seed range came into my life.
I have already mentioned in my DAILY SKIN CARE POST HERE about how i use it.
"This is a moisturizing and nourishing serum with Jeju's chemical-free green tea seeds that make your skin moist and clean. In a place where there is no water circulation, the green tea seeds do not sprout out but spread their roots into deeper ground to pump up the purist water. For that reason, green tea seeds are called 'moisture seeds'. Highly enriched green tea seeds even pull the moisture out on the skin to keep clear and moist skin." 
80 ml bottle comes in a green bottle with pump dispenser.
The pump has a cap which is loose fitting.
Not very travel friendly but as long as i keep it upright it doesn't spill.

The texture is runny.
Doesn't leave greasy feeling after use.
2 pumps is enough for the entire face.
I use it both day and night.
Makes the face feel soft and supple but of course i use a moisturizer after this.
The moisture retention property is amazing and my face did not have single flaky episode this winter.
(One less reason to hate winter!!)
I think it can still be applied during summer provided i use a water based moisturizer after the serum.
The added BONUS is that i haven't had a single break out of acne since i started using the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and moisturizer (since October 2013).
Ideal for those who have very dry to dry skin.
In fact i am so happy with Innisfree that i had to go back and make a huge haul (HAUL POST HERE)

The effect is immediate and you can see feel the softness from the first application.
Below is the Chart of the skin Analyser from "BEFORE" and "AFTER" using the serum.
As you can see before using the serum my face moisture,oil and roughness is on the negative side.
immediately after use they soar on the positive side.
I may say a lot of things but here is the scientific proof in the pic below.

 PRICE Rs.1450
Apply it after cleansing your face .
And wipe it with Toner of your choice.
(In normal skin care it is Toner then serum. 
But With Innisfree it is Serum then Toner)
Innisfree India Khan Market,Delhi
*Pr sample*


  1. can't wait to get my hands on this brand. lovely review :)

  2. Wow, akin analyser shows really good results! Nice review!

  3. Tempting review, I wish these available in chennai..

  4. Hey, that looks great!

  5. Nice review! hope i can get this in my area...

  6. why only in delhi!!

  7. nice product !! the way you tested is something new for me, never seen that gadget anywhere

  8. hehe im planning to get my second bottle

  9. you can buy them online from international sites

  10. That looks good :D hope to try it sometime !

  11. that looks great

  12. I have an oily skin.. Could i also use that serum?? I dont want my face getting more oily..

  13. yes, i would recommend this for oily skin too provided you use water based moisturiser after this.

  14. Serum before toner?? I'm a bit confused..

  15. thats only for innisfree
    its how d product was formulated

  16. i have combination skin too.
    n this serum is working great for me :)

  17. Oh thn il surely give it a try..

  18. HI!,I'm living in Hongkong and my boss gave me lots of this green tea seed serum,i applied it for 1 week then after that lots of whiteheads and other turned to pimples came out! Is it because i didn't use a toner after i used this product?

  19. there are other factors too.
    If you are prone to whitehead then you have to exfoliate or get its extraction done as otheriwse the same white heads may get infected and turn into pimples.
    This green tea seen serum does not help to unplug white heads.
    You will have to do it manually.
    The green tea seed serum is rich in anti oxidants and isn't supposed to break you out but do try to be punctual in keeping your pores clean . as serum can only so much.

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