Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nivea Glammorous gloss Pink sugar review

if there is one thing i can't live without it is lipgloss . i don't really care about lipsticks/kohl.
come winter or spring , i have a lipgloss with me wherever i go.
dry chaps make me feel dull and psycholigically sick lol (i'm not kidding)

i don't remember ever buying this gloss :p

i think i just took it from my brother's table (and no..he doesn't apply bubblegum flavored gloss ,its probably his gf"s ) :)

i've been hooked on it ever since . its the one lipgloss that's always in my apron pocket. the other one i've been using for ages is lakme lipgloss.

pink sugar is a very light peach color with slight shimmer . creamy but not sticky . it does everything a lipgloss is supposed to do and even more (spf 15 protection :)

what nivea claims 

The innovative formula of NIVEA Glamorous Gloss, with ultra shine pigments and exotic scents, brings dazzling shine to your lips and provide long lasting moisturization and care. 

What it does? 
    o for dazzling lips with stunning brilliance thanks to ultra shine pigments 
    o delights your senses with exotic scents 
    o contains SPF 15 to help protect against UVA and UVB rays 

Result: Soft moisturized lips with a dazzling shine 

Dermatologist tested.

1.super cute packaging
2.i love the bubble gum fragrance
3.makes the lips soft and well moisturised
4.lasts for about 5 hours despite eating and drinking
5.looks pretty when layered over lippies too
6.it has SPF 15 (how awsome is that?!)
7.travel friendly
9.easily available

i wish it was a little more pigmented :( (but well that s just my opinion)

PRICE-Rs.139 /-
WEIGHT- 8.5 ml

would i repurchase? yes, definitely.