Saturday, January 25, 2014

Shopping experience with

Online shopping portals have literally taken over the world.
I have shopped from a lot of them both national and international.
This is my fourth or fifth time buying from
I placed my order on saturday and received my order on tuesday.
Though usually i get it within a day,this time the delivery probably got affected by weekend holiday.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Outfit Post- The little black dress

Ever since i started working, it has become impossible for me to post regularly.
Though the working hour is 9 to 4,i can barely stay awake as soon as i reach home.I sleep like a hibernating bear for hours and hours.
To write a simple blog post ,i delay it until i feel so guilty about procastinating.
A big salute to all those working ladies who are also bloggers.
(And yes of course,a bigger hats off to full time housewife + bloggers).
I don't know how you do it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

A lady’s hair is considered as her crowning glory since the beginning of time.
If you can’t have natural ones you can always experiment with hair extensions and wigs.
There is no limit to the extend you can go.

Hair extension is also known as “artificial hair integration”.
For this purpose we can use-
1.synthetic hair or
2.Natural hair
A lot of websites have come up offering varieties of hair extensions with free shipping.
You can check out
There are many techniques for incorporating these hair extensions.
Some of them are listed below-
1.Clip in or Clip on extensions- This is perhaps the most commonly used technique by people around the globe.
PROS-It is not permanent. The clips can be worn both during day and night. However it can also be removed as per desire.
There is no disadvantage of hair loss due to excessive pull (medically termed as traction alopecia)
HOW TO USE- The hair is divided into equal partitions. At the top of the extension there are clips attached. Take the partition and snap the clip into place.
2.Bonding and sealing extensions-this maybe Soft bond or Hard Bond.
Soft bond is flexible and uses acrylic adhesives.
Hard bond is rigid and uses super glue or cyanoacrylate.
HOW IT IS DONE-It involves application of hair glue to a section of wefted hair depending on whether yoou prefer soft or hard bond.
Lasts 4-6 weeks.
HOW IT IS DONE-Hair extension is glued to the individual strands of human hair and sealed with heat clamp.
PROS-It gives the most natural look.
It also allows washing hair frequently.
HOW IT IS DONE-braiding natural tresses under a thin, breathable net that serves as a flat surface onto which stylists can weave extensions.Instead of braiding ,one can also sew the hair wefts onto the net or glue.
PROS- This method is not time consuming.
5.Lace fronts- These are made from nylon mesh materials.The shape is made into a cap. Tiny openings or ventilations are made into the cap manualy.
Can be used as Fringe/bangs.
1.Silky straight- like Asian hair
2.Deep Waves with spiral curls
3.Romantic Waves with soft curls
4.European –less straight than Asian hair
They can be washed with mild shampoos-preferably  sulphate and alcohol free.
The texture of hair purchased should be the style in which the hair is worn. Use of heat to straighten or to curl straight hair damages it.
The more you care for the hair, the longer they lasts.
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 Its amazing what mascaras can do to open your eyes.
I am a mascara hoarder.
Sadly they have life span of 6 months only.
Anyway,today i will be reviewing MAYBELLINE ROCKET VOLUM express mascara washable.
The Waterproof has electric blue color with light blue rim .

The WASHABLE mascara is JUMBO electric blue conical with the rim and words in Neon Pink.
The wand is a very unique brush-with spikes projecting from all around.
It is a silicon bristle brush.
The spikes/bristles are of varying length with the ones on the tip being shorter than the rest.
They help to separate the eye lashes properly and prevent clumping.
The brush does pick up a lot of mascara

I got the shade in Brown black but it looks like soft black.
You can't really see the browns in it.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Faces Glam On Lipstick Enamour Swatches

"I have too many Coral Lipsticks"-said no woman EVER :p

Comes in a sleek steel cover.
The shade name is written at the base.
Sturdy and travel friendly.

 Enamour is a bright Coral red.
This shade will suit any skin tone.
Instantly brightens the face and can be blotted to give a semi-matte effect.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Veet “Be The Diva Contest”- Be the next Covergirl on Femina

Veet Be The Diva Contest is a chance to be the next Femina magazine cover girl. It’s an annual model hunt that helps fresh talent transform into a Diva, opening doors to the world of beauty and fashion. A panel of industry experts selects the winning diva after three rounds of rigorous sessions followed by the grand finale which will take place in Delhi.

Regional Auditions are over and 60 girls have been selected by the panel for online voting. Now it’s time for one of the lucky female readers of My Blog to try her luck and get a wild-card entry to Top 60 without facing regional auditions!! Isn’t that amazing?

I will be running a twitter contest too so don’t forget to follow me @philamazan , hashtag to be used for participation is #VeetBetheDiva. One of the “Diva” chosen by me will go directly under top 60 contestants.

If you are interested in participating answer this question “What makes you a true Diva“ and send me following details at

Share a full length & close up picture which shows your diva personality


Open for girls between the age bracket of 15 to 29 years.
The contest is open to India only.
Entries closes on 13th Jan afternoon.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dining in with Four Seasons Shiraz Red Wine

 This is going to be my first post of 2014.
Sorry for not being very regular these days but then i've started a full time job in Medical Oncology.
My first choice was Endocrinology but i'm learning a lot at Oncology dept.
Have made some great friends.
What an amazing start it has been.
Hope the year continues in the same note it started.