Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wing Dust Collections Glitter Polish Swatches

More Indie Polishes for Nail polish Junkies :)

An ode to "Women"

Okay,here's a little secret about me-
I've been writing poems since 6th grade,
I always found writing therapeutic .
But then i joined Med school and i gave up any other extra -curricular activities.

I wrote this poem as a Voice against Female Infanticide and Dowry.
I hope that my lovely readers will appreciate it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L101 Blood Red Review

 So you are probably thinking what that thing is :p
No,its not a bullet nor a pen.
Its the signature look of Ellis Faas Cosmetics.

Belif UV Protector Fresh Sunscreen Spf 50 Review

 Summer is almost knocking at the door.
The hot pants and the melting ice creams, however tempting they maybe.
There is one thing you can't do without to beat the summer heat and ie "sunscreen"
Today i will be reviewing "Belif UV Protector Fresh Sunscreen Spf 50".

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tip Top Nail Chic Polish Swatches

Tip Top is a proudly South African nail enamel brand. After decades of success in the professional market, Tip Top products are now available to the consumer. Tip Top is now available through Clicks stores countrywide. The company has just recently launched a new and exciting range called Nail Addict by Tip Top into selected Foschini stores countrywide.
Founded in 1981, Tip Top was widely regarded as a pioneer within the professional beauty industry, having earned a reputation for creating innovative, trendsetting products and treatments upon which the consumer could rely for excellent results.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mega Birthday Giveaway winners

Please contact me in my email within 48 hours
with the email id you used to enter the giveaway.
(this way i can verify that it is the right person)

For the highest entries assorted goody bag,
i will be adding some extra stuffs too.

once the products are dispatched ,
i will not be responsible for any delay ,theft or breakage by the courier company.

For the others who didn't win,
do not be disheartened.
my blog is gona reach its 2nd anniversary soon.
And i'll be coming up with a bigger giveaway.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

WingDust Collections Multichrome Polishes Swatches

 I was never a big fan of multichrome polishes ie.until i swatched these lovelies from WingDust Collections.
I once tried some from Deborah Milano and was utterly disappointed.
But these ones are to die for.
And i can't seem to have enough of them.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

MASH Stamping plates 25-50 review

 The MASH stamping plates are one of the most raved products.
This is my first experience with them.
Now i know why they are favourites of many nail art lovers.
(click on the pics to enlarge them)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

GOTH Valentine's Day Look

  Think Valentine's Day and people imagine soft romantic pink make ups.
This year i decided to go Grunch lol
Because i got fed up of pink and everything girly.
Sultry and sexy was on my mind.
Here's what i did.

Gill Perect Shoulder Length Full Bangs BOB Wigs review

 Tired of the same old hairstyle but don't have the courage to cut your hair.
There is a simple solution,try wigs.
They come in varying colors and designs.
And you can always keep your real hair at its original length.
Though i love having long hair,i get bored at times so i like wearing wigs occasionally to give myself a makeover.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Freshlook One Day Color Contact Lenses Grey Review

I've cut down on wearing lenses because it got really tedious maintaining and cleaning .
Plus i get paranoid about germs collecting in the case and me wearing them again.
So yea,you get the point right?
Now,i've shifted to wearing daily disposable lenses.
Read on to know why i'm loving them.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anna Andre Delux Creme Lipstick shade no.40201 review

 I got this Anna Andre Delux Creme Lipstick shade no.40201 in my Vellvette Box.
This is my first time using Anna Andre product.
They were recently launched in India.
And i'm loving it.
Read on to know why.

L’Oreal Paris Le Nail Art stickers Disco Diamond And Poudre D'or review

 Valentine's Day closing in, you have your dresses planned out but don't have time for a mani?
Here's what you can do.
Try out the new L’Oreal Paris Le Nail Art stickers .

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

L’Oreal Paris Le Nail Art sticker Denim review

Need a manicure but don’t have time to wait for the polish to dry?
 Get ready to get FashioNAILable with L’Oreal Paris Le Nail Art stickers. 
Inspired from luxury fabrics, these stickers are easy to use and can stay on for upto10 days. 
 Three timeless collections that create ultimate nail wardrobe ranges: