Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Freshlook One Day Color Contact Lenses Grey Review

I've cut down on wearing lenses because it got really tedious maintaining and cleaning .
Plus i get paranoid about germs collecting in the case and me wearing them again.
So yea,you get the point right?
Now,i've shifted to wearing daily disposable lenses.
Read on to know why i'm loving them.
I got this from EYECANDYS.COM. They have an efficeint customer service.
 And offers free shipping on the products.
I recieved the products within a week.
Everything was properly bubble wrapped.
Freshlook One Day Color Contact Lenses comes on a simple box.
Inside it ,the lenses are placed in separate foil covered palstic containers.
To me they look like some ALIEN eggs waiting to hatch...
It's a bit creepy lol
Product Description
Manufacturer: CIBA Vision
Water content: 69%
Diameter: 13.8 mm
Base Curve: 8.6/Median
Duration: 1 day disposable
Package: 10 pcs (5 pairs) of the same power.
Please order quantity of 2 if you have different power for each eye.
FreshLook Dailies are 1-day disposable contact lenses perfect for those who want to begin their adventure with contacts or would like to wear them only occasionally.
 These colored contact lenses can be worn in the morning and then discarded at the end of the day.
Thanks to LightStream – patented technology allowing to produce extra thin lenses, FreshLook Dailies are very comfortable, even for new contact lens users.
FreshLook Dailies is approved by US FDA.


 the design was much better than it looked on the website picture. 
It is three toned-outermost Dark grey
middle light grey 
inner most brown streaks.


 Grey looks flattering on any eye.
It adds a sense of mystical look.


This is only 13.8mm in diameter.
so it doesn't add much enlargement to the eyes.


The best thing about dailies is i don't need to soak them overnight while wearing it for the first time.
i just remove the foil ,take out the lenses ,clean it thoroughly and pop it into the eyes :)
the lenses are really thin so extremely comfortable.
i did not experience any sort of discomfort or irritation.
69% water content makes it ideal for my dry eyes.
With normal circle lenses i put eye drop every half an hour but i went more than 2 hours without putting any artificial eye drops while wearing this lens.
With lens and without lens
In normal daylight
with flash light


i'm definitely looking forward to trying more.
You can buy from EYECANDYS.COM

PRICE-$ 23.96
They have a very wide range of circle lenses and cosmetics too.
Also offers free shipping.
And my fav is the cute polaroid cameras :)
you should definitely check it out.




(to recieve freebies with your order)
(no minimum purchase)

PR sample :Honest Opinion
These can be worn daily i the morning and just throw them away at the end of the day.No more hassles of cleaning and storing the lenses :)


  1. wow, your looking sooo kawaii in the last pic. Now I feel like getting a fringe LOL. Nice review ^_^.

  2. hehe..i'm soooo into fringe these days .
    they go so well with soft beach curls.
    hey valentines day plan?

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  4. cut it again.
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  11. wow.. the lens looks so pretty and natural ^^

  12. I had these in blue, my eyes hated them. They were too small for them! Lol! But the idea is awesome, I get so lazy to clean lenses but I always do it anyway. ;n; Hope to find bigger sizes..

  13. Kawaaii! You look so adorable with bangs! <3
    And grey compliments you very well ^.^

  14. you are looking adorable. Specially in d last pic :)

  15. grey looks kool and we have greyy!! too....

  16. These look really nice and natural on you. I've cut down on circle lenses lately and have just been wearing my Freshlook Sterling Greys. Having a million pairs of circle lenses really is a ton of maintenance. Your lipstick is so pretty !

  17. thank u :)
    sadly summer is coming and bangs must go again :(

  18. i get soo lazy to clean the lenses and then i get scared to wear them later if i dont clean them lol

  19. yes,it does.
    i'm glad you liked it

  20. awesome :)
    thank u for dropping by <3

  21. i'm wearing Mary kay lipstick in red.
    me too..i've thrown away most of my old circle lenses .
    cleaning them is so tedious .
    and its scary to wear them later because eyes are so sensitive

  22. loving your bangs girl!!!

    i used to wear green lenses for a very long been wearing colorless ones for last 2 years!!

    the grey color lenses look good but am not such a grt fan on disposable lenses!!

  23. super cute! i love this color! thank you for sharing

  24. thank u :)
    well,i think im just plain lazy and paranoid lol

  25. Your eyes are gorgeous and your one day color contacts are very attractive, especially I the beautiful color grey.

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  28. lol, you should always clean your lenses! I own a contact lens store - Cheapest Freshlooks!

  29. woww. u look preety doll

  30. woooow so gorgeous!!

  31. i use contact lenses...liked this post and nice color;)

  32. I have worn the pair of coloured contact lenses which gave a natural look. You look gorgeous in coloured contact lenses and grey coloured contacts makes eyes very attractive.

  33. i got them for review purpose so no problem.

  34. thanks for the info.
    thats why i orefer to use daily disposal

  35. I really loved the color of these contact lenses. Also, when someone looks closely into your eyes they will look pure natural of it's perfect blending.

  36. Acuvue Define makes the eyes look bigger, brighter and more beautiful so naturally that nobody will know your secret.

  37. One of my friends in high school, always wore colored contacts. But she would always wear one brown contact and then one blue contact. And she told everyone that those were her real eye colors and that she was born with two different eye colors. And surprisingly everyone believed her.

  38. looks so natural on you!
    try buying here, its 15USD now!!

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  42. Your contact lenses are really very nice and good to see. After reading this blog, i for much information's. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  43. Hi what is the exact name for the colour of the contact lenses on blog as I can't find the colour for the ones I have