Sunday, January 29, 2012

* super cute ankle length socks *

i have some secret obsessions :p
collecting socks is one of them (the others will be revealed soon so buckle up) :)
no matter how hard i try to resist  i always end up buying them esp when they come in those cute designs.
they look so tasty .

anyway here are some of the socks i bought during my Bangalore visit.
i have more but its not a very pleasant sight to put the old ones up lol 

Friday, January 27, 2012

curl hair with socks (no heat)

i have poker straight hair .
so while other s long for straight hair ,i long for curly hair (i think it makes one look sueper girly)
i'm very conscious about hair care so i don't really wanna get a perm .
 it scares me what the chemicals might do to my hair.
at the same time, i'm also not very fond of using curling iron (though i use it occasionally)
came across this method to curl hair with socks and viola!!
thats just what i've been looking for. i tried it with my old stockings.
1.slightly wet your hair.
2.roll on the socks like you would with a hair roller.
 tie the ends of the socks.
depending on your amount of hair , your can use as many socks as you want.
 (i used only 2-one each on the sides).
3. now go to sleep and next day viola!!
you'll have great curls (chemical and heat free..dont you love it!!)
here s the result :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

my new fav stuffs !!

i've been dyinggg to get my hands on one of those owl rings for ages. but then considering the place i live in (ie bihar) i can never seem to find what i want. sadly even the ones they sell online were unreasonably pricey .so i refrained myself from buying it.:(
on my recent trip to bangalore i drowned myself in accessories shopping.

the tiny accessory shops in Brigade Road have all the latest fashion accessories and at amazingly cheap rates.
my bf got me an 'owl ring' which i simply adore.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

midnight NYX Girls Nail Polish Super Funk

the title? it doesnt mean anything...hehe .i just typed the first words that crossed my mind...
because when i think "purple" i imagine something sober yet mysterious and dark, hence the name.

this is the nailpolish i got from
the glitter was in the perfect amount(not OTT) because i'm not a big fan of glitter.
but if you want more than you can apply more than one coat.
as for me one is enough.

as for the nail tips i used EN-VY nail polish (forgot the shade)which i got from health and glow.
no top coats used.

i usually dont pair it with a base coat because i like the clear sparkly glitter it has.
.and don't wanna ruin it. plus it looks more elegant this way.

continuation of christmas spirit :p

i know christmas is a month behind us. i really wanted to make a christmassy nail art back then but i ran out of white nail polish so unfortunately i couldn't.
i got one during my All India PG exam trip to bangalore n here is what i did ... i love the result hehe... hope you guys love it too.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

attempt to reach 50 fans giveaway

i've been thinking and looking around , trying to decide what i shld give for my first giveaway ... and finally concluded that since m a BIGGGG fan of accessories and i can never have enough of it i decided that m gonna have an accessory giveaway :)

and i'm extending the date because now its AN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!!!!(on samreen s request) :)