Sunday, February 19, 2012

yes its still cold here :p

how many of you lovely ladies out there are dying for spring to come raise your hands ?(MEEEE!!!)
although i cannot wait for this cold weather to get over , i'm really gonna miss my winter dresses.
this is the detailed outfit i wore on Vday.
just thought i 'l put it up before it gets too hot and i won't even wanna look at anything warm ...

i love this bag because its intricately designed,
not too small nor ginormous but perfectly sized to carry my digi cam , my wallet and lipstick

the boots are lined with wool inside. super warm  though that means "no!no!" during the summer . :(

trench coat- (my mom s friend got it from Bangkok for me.)
bag - hand woven from LAURA STYLES
slim jeans - (kolkatta AC market)
suede boots- Online