Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i'm in my early 20 s ,wayyyyy beyond the pimply adolescent period but OMG i cant stop liking cute girly stuffs . and that my friend is my introduction to "Hello Kitty" my new nail art.
i super love Hello Kitty.
my Bf got me this really cute ring of that Brand and i cherish it too much that i dont even wear it.
its white crystal studded & pink crystals for the bow and its the cutest one i've ever laid eyes on.^_*

anyway coming back to the nail art.
i'm down with a terribleee flu (which i contracted from some patients ...being posted in ENT dept..not a very pleasant experience i tell you..)
my nose is running. my eyes are smarting...really teary and i cant even sit up even for an hour.
i've been inside the mosquito net the whole day (skipped work), stayed under the blankets with a hot water bag ! taken all the anti-histaminics and it still wont stop.
i've covered myself in Vicks vaporub And i'm damn sure i look like RuDOLF the red nose reindeer from all d sniffling and blowing :(

i wanted to feel better so i started making this nail art and OMG i feel so much better already...
it turned out preety cute & i drooled lol

hope you enjoyed it :)
do u love hello kitty??


  1. So cuteee! I wish i had that kind of nail art talent!
    Im in my mid twenites and i STILL lov Hello Kitty and WInnie the Pooh!

    1. i adoreeee hello kitty... & boy is she famous or what!!

  2. I love the hello kitty naill.... awesome.

    I would also Like to invite you to enter my Valentine's day giveaway.

    xoxo- Crissy

  3. very cute!! i love it..tute plz