Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And she screams "HAIRBANDS!!"...

i love hair accessories...i can never stop buying them.
when i go to a mall i get stuck to the accessories section (my mom finds that annoying!!lol she s more of a cloth hauler)

so when i saw this hairband on sale at "krucarnations" for 115 bucks ONLY!!
i went for it right away :)

it came by govt. postal service so u can imagine the condition. it was broken and torn in 3 places...
ah the tragedy!!!(my heart shattered into million pieces)

i wanted it too badly so didnt have the heart to throw it away .i decided to customise it.
its actually a hair band but i sow the torn areas and made it into a bandana kind.

i love how it turned out
u can get it from KRUCARNATIONS

Reasons to love winter :)

with my new fav yellow dress
i hate winter...though my hometown is a hill station (Ukhrul,Manipur.North east india) 
and its almost always winter out there.
everyday is like a walk in the cloud. 
and yet the only thing i like about winter are trench coats and boots :p (duhhh!!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toni & Guy Straight and Protect (shampoo and conditioner)

My hair has been getting worse lately- dull and coarse.
i hate the water in Bihar(too much iron and other minerals since we mostly get underground water).
i miss home (ie manipur)...the water there makes hair so soft, im nostalgic just thinking about it :(

Toni & Guy is the first professional hair product i've used.
after i had ordered it i tried finding some reviews about it
OMG!!! ter are too many bad reviews.
i felt terrible. i cursed myself that i shouldn't have ordered it at all!!

the correct way to wash your hair...

image via google
We have been washing our hair for so long.
But have we ever wondered if we are doing it the right way?
so..."the correct way to wash your hair?" , you must be wondering..."is she kidding?"
well,im not.

i've been washing and conditioning my hair for the past 2 decades and i thought i was pretty good at it.
and that was before i came to bihar!! you see ...i have naturally poker straight hair and no matter how much i abused it (coloring and never combing!!)it never gave up on me. 
but now..no matter how much i care for it it just wont stop falling!!! (omg!!whats going on..m growing bald :p)

so i asked my fren's sister who owns a saloon in mumbai (ZIDO saloon) to give me some tips on use of professional hair products.