Friday, March 28, 2014

Innisfree Camellia Hair Lotion Review

Its been so hectic lately.
I attended a lot of Events and did some serious shopping as i haven't shopped since last October.
Here i am back again with another Innisfree Product Review.
I might just name my blog "Innisfree Review Blog" lol
But i feel that Korean products are the only ones that actually do what they claim- esp skin care.
I will be reviewing "Innisfree Camellia Hair Lotion".

Monday, March 24, 2014

Delhi Duty Free Fragrance Promotion

Pullman Hotel
MG road Gurgaon

We were invited for an evening of "Scents and sensibility" with Vir Sanghvi by Delhi Duty Free
Visit Their facebook Page HERE
I know most of us are conscious about the perfume brands we wear.
But in this interesting session i learnt a lot of things.
1.There are only 8-10 perfume makers in the world and all the big brands go to them.
Eg perfumes by Dior and Calvin Klein maybe manufactured by the same company but marketted by different brands.
These perfume makers make 5-10 samples for the brand and the brand will choose from all these samples.
The samples which gets rejected by suppose Dior ,may later on end up being chosen by CK and so on.

2.And that most of the time The Perfume Wears the person and not other way round.

3.Also it doesn't hurt to get opinions of other people while buying perfumes because the wearer can smell it only for 20 minutes or so while other people around him/her can smell it the whole time.

4.The cost of perfume bottles is triple the cost of the actual perfume it contains.
Eg. when we break down the value of a perfume that costs $100, 
$8 would be the cost of the actual perfume
$50 the bottle cost 
and the remaining would be for promotion ads etc.
Fascinating isn't it?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Food Festival at DLF Promenade

 This one goes out to all the foodies in Delhi.
If you are on the look out for a place that has entertainment for the entire family DLF promenade has a Food Festival going on from 20th match to 30th march 2014.The place is packed with amazing food from Italia, Setz, The Big Chill, Soy Express, TGIF, Amici, Tibbs Frankie, Uzuri, Dana Choga and Ploof.
A huge LCD screen with Cricket match going on (a treat for the husbands and bfs),
A train ride for kids,this and so much more.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nail Nation Sweet Dreamz Swatches

 This is a continuation of the Pre Launched March Collection from Nail Nation 3000.
But instead of Holographic polish, its a glitter polish.
"Sweet Dreamz" is a purplish pink glitter polish with multi chrome micro glitters plus lots of Blue stars,Square black,blue,silver glitters,Random black oval spots.
(Anything you can think of under the sun)
I have applied this on top of a Gold based holo polish "HOLO in Bad lands"
To see the swatches of remaining holo polish go HERE
Had to apply 3 coats to acheive the opacity.
The star glitters are easy to pick up but some the black oval spots has to be scooped

You can visit the Links below to check out more polish in Nail Nation Store.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum Review

 I'm almost down to the last few pumps of this life saver product Innisfree Green Tea seed Serum.
And now i know its ready for a thorough review.
The main reason why i hate winter is because my skin becomes really dry and flaky.
That was the story before Innisfree Green Tea Seed range came into my life.
I have already mentioned in my DAILY SKIN CARE POST HERE about how i use it.

Friday, March 14, 2014

SheInside Website Wishlist

 Though summer is around the corner , it still gets a little cold in the morning and evening .
That makes me long for warm cozy dresses.
I was browsing through and came across some lovely ones which i thought of sharing with you all.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Shadow Link Swatches

 Few days back i attended the Bloggers Meet organised by Revlon to introduce their New products Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links.
Mix.Match.Click. With REVLON ColorStay ShadowLinks, you can create your own customized palette of possibilities, its own unique combination every time.

It comes in 20 shades of clickable, customizable mix and match colors.
Unique packaging easily snaps together to create your own customized palette.
Rich color pay-off is a variety of finishes from soft matte to satin to high sparkle.
All-day wear.
PRICE: INR 175/- for 1.4 g of product

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nail Nation 3000 Holographic Polish swatches

I am here with the Second set of Holographic polishes from Nail Nation 3000 March New Launches.
Actually i was supposed to swatch the 4 of them together but i really liked "Holo in the Bad Lands" so much that i had to swatch it first.
Anyway the 3 remaining shades are Freak Sauce, summer berry sorbet and Board Walk Empire.

You can visit the Links below to check out more polish in Nail Nation Store.
Which one is your fav? 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nail Nation 3000 Holo In The Bad Lands Swatches

Nail Nation 3000 is an Indie Polish brand.
I am one of their March blogger so i got some lovely polishes for swatching.
My favourite among them is "Holo In the Bad Lands" and so i had to swatch it first (i'm impulsive like that lol)
"Holo In the Bad Lands" - the picture speaks for itself. 
Its subtle ,unique and would look great when stamped (will do a nail art with it soon).
She ships Worldwide.
Will post swatches of the other polishes soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Foodhall Central Food Workshop

Avocado pomegranate raita
 Gurgaon,28th February,2014-
 Foodhall @ central , the one- stop shop presented an exclusive workshop with Food connoisseur Kanchan Kapoor at Foodhall@Central and the theme of the workshop was dishes prepared using avocado and quinoa. The food connoisseur conducted an  hour Workshop and gave inputs in stylizing the food for parties and dished out Quinoa & avocado salad,Avocado pomegranate raita,Wasabi marinated prawns with avocado dip.
This delightful evening  was well attended and graced by food bloggers  and the workshop gave the attendees take back with them some lip – smacking easy to make recipes with memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Innisfree India Haul

 Ever since i started using Innisfree skin care products my skin has become tame.That means no more flaky skin or zits since October 2013.(Knock on wood!)

I was using their Green Tea seed serum and cream.
(Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream Reviewed HERE)
Will review the serum soon.
Each product gives upto 5 months of daily usage (both day and night).
If you follow me on instagram, i posted yesterday that i was down to my last scoop of Innisfree Cream and it broke my heart so i just HADDDDD to run to the store and splurge.
Haven't done any big shopping for months because i am literally fed up of cosmetics at the moment Plus i had skin care products that suit me so did'nt feel the need to buy any.

I checked out their Facebook page before going to the store just to mentally prepare myself for any ongoing offers.
Buy 1 sleeping mask and get 2 face mask free
Buy above Rs.5000 and get a cute Inni Rang bag free etc.

I had no intention of spending above Rs.5000.
I kept my budget as Rs.3000 (1500 for serum and 1500 for cream)
Gawd knows what happened when i reached there.
I was greeted by the lovely Alice who assisted me.
I went on adding the products non stop.
My shopping basket became full and i finally had to pull myself away from the store :p

Scroll down to see my haul.
Got buttloads of freebies.
I love Koreans.They are super generous and it keeps me going back for more.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Owl Nail Art With Jr Plates From MyOnlineShop

 I Recently got the New Jr plates from My Online Shop.
You can read about the post HERE.
Each plate costs $7.50 each and you have to pay shipping according to the amount of plates you order.
I paid $14.50 for 7 plates.

There are so many patterns to choose from that i got so confused which one to use first.
I was like a child in Candystore.
Finally decided on plate no.13 and 29
This nail art is created using Decal technique.
Acrylic color has been used to fill the outlines.
The base color is from Kiko (will swatch soon).