Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outfit of the week

this month i splurged on dresses.
i know i was supposed to be shop dieting (ooops..!my bad)
but when my friend sent me a picture of this dress i bought it right away .
i superlove florals . they're so pretty!!
i wore it on my Batch get together :)

the dress. its actually a huge free size dress of chiffon material. i added a belt to give it some shape :)
i'm having a terrible cold so decided to go a little warm. i wore my black lacey stocking and paired it with a silver studded ballerina(my all time fav!!!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Sunday intro and nail art

Because of globalisation now we celebrate a lot of festivals that were previously foreign to us. For instance, just few days ago the blogging world went green shamrocking and celebrating St.Patrick’s day. Many of us do not know the reason behind each festival so I’ve decided to share a little about each one of them every time a festival I know comes around the corner. April 9 is EASTER SUNDAY (it’s the day that follows “good Friday” – the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. On Easter Sunday we Christians commemorate resurrection of Christ). And once again the blogging world will be bombarded will nail and face arts of Easter bunnies, colourful eggs and white flowers to celebrate it .  People celebrate Easter according to their beliefs and their religious denominations.

Monday, March 19, 2012

"everything i like about spring" nail art tutorial

everything i liks about spring- pastel colors, the blooming flowers, fresh sunshine n yes cupcakes :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lotus herbal pure colors Crimson Red review and swatches

this is one of the lippies i guest blogged on

this is just one pic . to read the whole review , please visit

Thursday, March 15, 2012

ES 5 Pairs Different Styles Handmade False Eyelashes(Black Stem) review

i am wearing the no.2 eyelash
I had heard many good things about kkcentre’s eyelashes. 
So when they sent me a set containing 5 different hand made lashes for review i was pretty excited. this is their website KKCENTERHK . 
if you use my coupon code (on the right side of the blog page).you will get 10% discount on your purchase :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Avon simply pretty lipgloss - sheer rosy review and swatch

i have always been a lipgloss person.
this is one of my favouritestttt lipglosses :p

i bought this 1 year back so i have no recollection of the cost :(
but its a must have  for all gloss lovers .

Mini earring haul from Darbhanga

while running after the high end products , many of us forget that the most beautiful things can be found in simple things. Lets consider my mini earring haul - who would've thought that a tiny town in Bihar will have such beauties and that too at amazinggggg bargain :)

i went to the market yesterday to buy huge blanket bags - you know all the hassles thats involved in packing. i hate packing!! while browsing for the bags i also bought this cutie pies :P in Gudri market. they were so cheap i couldn't say no .

Monday, March 12, 2012


i've never beEn much of a movie person. infact i rarely watched them . but now after staying in bihar for so long and having very little source of entertainment  i have become a movie junkie and yes, non stop series too. anyway i thought of making a to watch list about movie releasing in 2012 :)

Revlon Eye and lip make up remover review

this was the first make up remover i bought .
 it was  a year back and i badly needed a make up remover because  i hate sleeping with my kohl on
 (the next day my eyes get all red , irritated and i get tiny vesicles on my waterline) .
 its pretty annoying!!
 i have a very sensitive eyes . 
even walking to college (2 minutes walk) gives me eye allergy
 so you can imagine what it does to me when i sleep with my kohl on.
 the other make up remover i have is Mary Kay s oil free make up remover. 
But it was a gift from an aunt and its pretty expensive 15$ so i can't repurchase it lol
anyway, the only reason i bought this was because it was cheap and i was still a student.
 this was the only one i could afford :p .
 over time i've realised that i really like this product .
 i even suggested my roomie to get it when she was on the look out for a make up remover.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bags Haul

yes yes...i admit ,i'm a little bit of a shopaholic :p
and there s something about bags , i can't stop buying them. helllppp!!!
these are my latest additions and me super love them all...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

For the love of Tangerine- nail art tutorial

once again beauties ola!!

this nail art was never supposed to have existed . but i'm bored to my bone marrow, its weekend and i stayed inside the mosquito net the whole day because this stupiddd annoying mosquitoes won't give me a break even in broad day light!! they've gotten so deep inside my brain that even when they're not around i hallucinate about their buzzing NOISE!!

oh well, i made a new nail art. a very simple one.
since spring is around the corner and pastels are totally in this year ,i'm using a mint green and Tangerine with crystal bedazzling. for those of you who don't know yet, tangerine is the color this spring . so if you have't stocked up on this color then hurrrryyyy, spring is already making her way here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rajasthan- best veg restaurant in Darbhanga

i love the napkins :p

                    if you're a foodie like me then you will know how important it is for us (food lovers) to constantly try something new . i'm a very non veg person but every once in a while i like to try veg food in restaurants. i have this weird idea that going out to eat veg is such a waste of money . i'd rather stay in and cook by myself . yes, i love cooking too (but cooking everyday is a big noooo...!) :p

The best veg restaurant in Darbhanga is Rajasthan . Its is located in Darbhanga tower . if you've read my earlier posts you'll know which tower i'm talking about hehe.

OMG...the first giveaway i ever won!!!

Anamika of Wiseshe was having a giveaway the past week.
i saw that everyone was entering however i decided not to.
on the last day she reposted that her giveaway was still on and that it was just few hours left before it closes. that's when i thought "oh what s the harm in entering. its not like i'll lose anything".
(believe me when it comes to being lucky i have the worst luck).

but not this time..woohoo...
i was kinda busy and didn't have time to check when the winner was announced but OMG!! did i just see my name as the winner or were my eyes playing sweet tricks on me?.
everyone on wiseshe were asking "where is she??" lol

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini shopping haul from Darbhanga

like i said earlier , i went for a mini shopping spree .
i bought a make up brush set (when actually i had gone looking to buy an eyeliner brush).
but these brushes were sooo fluffy and soft i couldn't resist them :p
so bye bye eye liner brush and helllloooo! make up brush set :)
i got them at a very cheap price so no regrets.
besides i love the super cute scottish checked pattern (i always had a weakness for it) .

GLimpse of Bihar

after 5 long tiring months of waiting and shop dieting , we finally got our stipend . so as usual me and my roomie went out for dinner and a little shopping spree.i'll write about the mini haul in the next post  . hehe.
here are some pictures about how life in bihar is actually like unlike the wide misconception that there are miscreants everywhere and no! dacoits don't roam around ,guns sling on their backs. its a place just like anywhere else. Darbhanga is in north bihar . i love being in this place esp because it is pretty quiet out here , nothing really affects it. the only thing i miss when i'm here is KFC ... :p told you i'm a foodie
this is the monument based on which the main market is named- Darbhanga tower

Friday, March 2, 2012

Graduation prom night hairstyle for medium to long hair

graduation is around the corner and i've been asked to do a prom night hair tutorial .
this is a very simple and elegant hair style tutorial . all you need is a curling iron.