Monday, February 13, 2012

Super feminine Valentine s day hairstyle for long hair

(view from above)
i've been getting a lot of request to make tutorials for the hairstyles i'm posting on my blog.
of all the styles i make on my long hair, my "favouritest" (if such a word exists lol) .
i love it because it s super chic and easy to make- ideal for both work place or even for a romantic dinner .
You don't have to be a professional to do this-

STEP 1- make a high pony tail
STEP 2- divide it into 3 parts and braid them separately
STEP 3 - tie the first strand with the second strand. the remaining of the second with the third.
until u run out of strands.
tug the visible ends and clip it with bobby pins
STEP 4 - now add a cute ribbon and viola ..ur ready to go!

                                   GET READY TO BLOW YOUR GUY AWAY :p
                                                       (ALL THE BEST GIRLIES)


  1. You really have lovely hair! Another great style.

    ♡ from ©

  2. So cute .You have beautiful hair :)

  3. hey this is a very beautiful updo..would luv to try it ...however i didn't get the 3rd step...could u pls explain it...thanks

    1. ok sure. u make three braids in step 2.
      now tie strand no.1 with the strand no 2 just like you're tying the shoe lace.
      then some part of strand no. 2 will remain.
      tie strand no 2 with strand no.3.
      and continue until u run out of hair .
      try to make a round shape and fix it with bobby pins

  4. I love your hair.. They are beautiful..

  5. Ok wow!! Now i am wishing i had long hair!!