Thursday, November 28, 2013

Etude House 2013 Winter Princess Etoinette

OMG!!! you cannot even begin to imagine how excited i am about Etude House New Winter collection.
It is absolutely fit for a Princess.
And i love each and every product!!!
Why can't we have such pretty and feminine products in India!!!
Hello!!! Can you hear me-Lakme,Colorbar,Lotus etc :p
I won't bore you all much with my talks.
I bet you will realise what my excitement is all about when you see the pics below.
(Took an hour break from my studies just to blog about this)
(All pics taken from Etude House.I do not own any of the pic)
Princess Etoinette Eau de Toilette 30ml
Princess Etoinette 2 All Over Powder 10g

Princess Etoinette 2 Crystal Shine Lips 3.4g

Princess Etoinette 2 Perfumed Hair Mist 120 ml
 Princess Etoinette Blooming Perfumed Hands 70ml
Princess Etoinette 2 Mirror 8.3cm
Play Color Eyes
Princess Etoinette 2 Moon Flower Perfumed Candle
I want to buy them allllllllllll..... lol
i'm not sure about the prices in USD since all the prices are given in Korean Won.
But will update once i have more details.
My fav is the perfume and eyeshadow palette.
Whats yours?


  1. The perfume!!! LOVE! And i dont even care how the fragrance is. I want it just for the bottle ;)

  2. perfume, lipsticks and candles for me :D

  3. So pretty! I want everything!!

  4. This is all so pretty, I want everything! The lipsticks and eyeshadows look gorgeous, and the candles too. Eek!

    Jess xo

  5. The eyeshadow-palette looks great. I would love to get my hands on one.