Sunday, May 27, 2012

MISSHA BB cream No.21 (light beige) review and FOTD

The most awaited post of BBcream is finally here . So brace yourselves ladies.
Komal's mom from Komaljewelleryanalysis was coming back from Korea .So we asked if she could bring 2 BB creams one each for me and Bharti (Bharti's idea! superb idea i knwww!!!)

I couldn't wait for the day to come when i would hold the BBcream in my arms and pamper it like my baby :p at the same time i was a little apprehensive about the shade-what if it doesnt suit me?what if its too dark for me?what if it leaves a white casts like everyone is complaining?...(boy, the nervousness was killing me!!)

when i finally receieved the courier, i swear i tore it open like a hungry little soul :p
and there she was, all tucked up in between crumbled paper sheets. The glorious moment when i got to hold her i had the twinkle in my eyes .
okay..too much blabbering.
to read about what a BB cream is go HERE
PACKAGE- deep reddish maroon color package with a pump system .yippee so no unhygienic smearing of the excess . It has a transparent cap . The entire package is really womenly.


just a tiny pump- yes!! because i'm stingy lol
SHADE-I got the no.21 in LIGHT BEIGE.this one is suitable for NC 20 to 25. And since i'm NC 25 it was purrrfect for me.
it has a greyish tint (all BB creams do)

TEXTURE- it feels a little heavy during application but once its set it blends right into my skin and feels so light(i'm doing the happy chicken dance inside my head :p)

COVERAGE- it provides light to medium coverage. i use half pump for the whole face. however if you want fuller coverage ,it can be easily build up.

EXTRA FEATURES- has SPF 42 PA +++ which is  good for me because i'm too lazy to apply sunscreen separately.(but i badly need to because of my freckles)

2.i have very dry skin. But when i use this BB cream i can do without a moisturiser. so i have a feeling that this might not be good for oily skinned people. is supposed to help prevent breakouts too but so far i haven't seen the benefit.i've already had 2 zits since the day i've been using it. skin texture has improved. It feels smoother like a National highway :p far i've not experienced any white casts or ghostly pale appearance as many people have complained about it in their reviews.i think its probably because they got the wrong shades . So i think the wisest thing would be to do several researches before getting your BBcream.

6.there is also the issue of fake BB creams. but since mine was directly from Korea there's no way its fake(biggg grin)
just after application it looks pale
after 15 mins it settles more into the skin and makes it look natural

PRICE 16$ (Rs.750)
its available online on for about 25$.
sasa is a reliable website so its better to get genuine ones from there even if you've to pay some extra dollars.

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  1. I love this BB cream too.. I hv it in no.23.. Cant to get my hands on the new shade in no.27 which is supposedly yellow in undertone..

  2. i think d no 27 is darker.
    this one is perfect for my skin tone :)