Saturday, May 12, 2012

LOVE parcel from Crazypoplock

Now this is one post i've been dyinggg to blog about :)
You remember my kawaii friend Bharti of CRAZYPOPLOCK?

Day before yesterday when i came back from Select city walk, my neighbor told me that the postman came with a courier. I was a little confused because i am shop dieting so i hadn't ordered anything.
Then in the evening while texting with Bharti she asked me if any parcel came for me.
i was like " ummm ..the neighbor told me so but i wasnt there to receive it so maybe i'll get it tomorrow".
And i got really excited...:p i kept asking her what it was, but boy, she just wont tell me :p

The next day when i got the parcel , i got all jumpy and wanted to tear open the parcel (lucky thing i took a deep breathe and used a scissor to make a clean opening instead lol- because inside she had asked me to recycle the envelope :p). hey girl, u cant blame me , i was too excited.

OMG here are the stuffs she sent me.
i wanna scream out of joy !!!
2 facemasks
1 nose strip
she got them from
read about her haul HERE


and yes she stamped it with Konad stamper.... awwwww.... look at that... ain't it cute!!!! melts*
                                                          I love each and every product .
                                                           muahhhhh my kawaii fren Bharti
                                          HAVE YOU RECEIVED ANY LOVE PARCEL ?


  1. I heard that japanese beauty products are great.... but never found one
    how were the facemasks???