Sunday, May 20, 2012


phew...this has been a tough day....
after a lot of contemplation, analysing my decision again and again , i've decided to change my blog name from "skull bones and love of fashion " to "Dr.poison ivy's beauty blog"

do u know what a tough and tiring job it is ? revamping the whole blog name  and changing the details in every community whr its been registered as the former?
i'm so exhausted.... mentally ...

anyway, now that everything is done, there s just a tiny problem ...i cant change my fb page name .
changing page name is possible only if i lhv less than 200 likes and i have 250....
what should i do :(

helpppppppppp!!! should i ask my friends to unlike my page and like it back later after the name is changed??
do u think its a wise decision?

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