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from left to right- AKSHITA JAIN(COLORIFIC ), JAPNA(whatscookinggoodlookin ), shalini (stylishbynature), me , Bharti (Crazypoplock), Apurva (KALAPELETTE), i forgot her name :p ,Komal (the delhi fashion blogger), nidhi(
On 26th May 2012, Delhi bloggers from all spheres of life got together for a meet organised by BLOGATHON INDIA(co founders Ankul Barar, Akshita jain and Karan Bhujbal) and sponsored by DELL, Belkin,,Srijan Technologies, 20:20 MSL and Fosters

At the reception, they handed me a list of survey papers which i had to fill and a tee . Then my hand got stamped :p
When i entered the room, Karan Bhujbal came over to introduce himself as one of the Hosts.
Thereafter, i was led to the Fashion Bloggers area where i was introduced to other fellow bloggers.
 After a while , my friends (Bharti,Komal and Apurva) turned up.
We were meeting for the first time and it was pretty exciting.

I must say it was one of a kind event with a very decent crowd (which is extremely essential in any event).
Almost everyone turned up on time !!!(so yay!! bloggers are very punctual people.hats off !)

To be frank i did not know what to expect from this event.
Because the sponsorers were technology oriented.
But i was keeping my fingers crossed for any surprise that would follow :)
More than 100 Bloggers attended the event.

DELL representative .... talked about their newly launched  laptop. which is adorably pretty(i'm a sucker for cute and pretty things!). DELL laptops are my favourite. The one i'm using right now is STUDIO 15 and the model is 100 years in New York. its a pretty cool laptop , very feminine and when it comes to designs Dell is always my no.1.

BELKIN- they showcased a device that allowed live streaming of TV on the phone or tablet.
How cool is that!!

YEBHI- we(fashion/beauty bloggers) were introduced to Kritika Prabhakar who asked us to give our opinion on the things they were trying to promote eg group reviews =where the same thing would be sent to let's say 20 people and we would review the same thing
SINGLE REVIEWS= where different products would be sent to different individuals and they would review them separately. A lot of discussion went into that.

REFRESHMENT- okay since i'm a complete foodie i was totally looking forward to the food they would be serving ^_^. And i would be doing injustice to it if i don't write what i feel. i lovedddddd each and every item. it was so tasty i hardly i had time to speak or even hear others talk lol Everyone loved the strawberry cheese cake. But my favourites were the fried potato cubes and spring rolls.

Oh.. and there were free beers too :)

yup!! my plate was fulllll....
ENTERTAINMENT-In the amazing people series there was
1.magic show by karan Singh-more of a psycho analytical illusion where he calls someone from the audience to think of numbers, picture it in front of him ,repeat it in their mind and viola!!! Magician Karan sigh would tell you what it right? and many more such magics.

2.Abhishek baxi

3.but the one that kept me and Japna on our toes and running to the front to see was Uncle Andie's accent show. He was awesome- he did Irish,British, american, Japanase, etc. and FYI if i could speak in irish accent i would never shut up ^_*

4.Gaurav Mishra

In the end there was group hugs and lots of contact details exchanging. Of course the endless photo session is always the fun part.

                                  Keeping my fingers crossed for more of it to come in the future.
                                        The first ever Blogathon in India was a huge success.

                                        THANK you Blogathon India for this wonderful meet.
THAT S MY DELL STUDIO 15 LAPTOP . isn't she a beauty??
More about the event On Bharti's blog CRAZYPOPLOCK

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