Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My samsung corby revamped :p

i'm the kind of person who has difficulty in letting go of things eg i used my old phone motorola v3i for 5 yrs.
and finally when it broke down beyond repair my mom got me Samsung qwerty.
I love this phone because of it yellow cover but then it gets a lil boring at times.
So , since i have 2 covers -one black and the other yellow, i thought i'll revamped it with something kawaii.
This is what "the boy" got me :p

the cover

razor to cut open holes for the speaker and camera

yay!!! done :)

                                                DO U LIKE MY REVAMPED PHONE COVER?


  1. Oh Gosh >o< Very very lovely Corby, Corby is spreading around the world! Love your revamped :)

  2. wow... this is so cool.... can i get this anywhere in india?

  3. yes , you can :)
    ask in any mobile shop