Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kiehl's gift hamper

Yesterday was the Best and worst day of my life.
Best because i got an ultra pretty stilettoe from Nine west.
hehehhhh..(biggg grin*)
Worst because i got slpinter on my nail bed while mopping the floor and it just won't come out :(
The harder i tried, the deeper it went.
Went to the doctor and he gave me Magnesium sulphate dressing (which is supposed to draw out the splinter).
but it never did :(
i've been roaming the whole market place since morning looking for a point tweezer.
its not available anywhere!!! what  was i supposed to do.
Anyway i finally bought a razor blade, sat down, mercilessly cut my nails deep into the skin and now the splinter is on its way to hell !!

So, now i'm sitting down to blog about it :P

Here's the long pending Kiehl's gift hamper.
i got lots of them,as i've said in my previous posts enough to last me more than a month.
i've been using them for the past weeks.
mini review coming up soon.
as for now indulge in all the goodies i got :)

the famous Kiehl's lip balm
                                                See?? didn't i tell u that it s hugeeeee:p

                                 WHAT WAS IN YOUR GIFT HAMPER FROM KIEHL'S?

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