Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sparkly purple eye tutorial

Indian eyes and Oriental eyes are very different.
They have multiple creases that opens up their eyes making it look bigger and easier to style.
As for monolids like me, its a very tough job.
If we apply eyeshadows above the crease it makes us look like we're overdoing it.
If we dont go beyond that , any eye make up we make looks non existent (except for winged cat eyes- no wonder everyone loves winged eyes)
So, here s a simple tutorial of  what i wore today.

PRODUCTS USED-1.mimididi 3D diamond powder eyeshadow no.27- purple . Go HERE for swatches
2.gold- Lakme quartet eyeshadow(peacock). Go HERE to see the swatches
3.silver/white- Chambor trio eyeshadow
4. Fake lashes from Kkcentrehk.com . Go HERE to read the review
5. Mascara- Avon simply pretty mascara in black
6.Blush- Bourjois - rose amber
7.lipstick- Lotus herbal pure colors- crimson red
Line the inner 2/3rd of the eye with gold eyeshadow.

and the remaining 1/3rd with purple.
also extend the same eyeshaow to the lower 1/3rd eyelids
use a silver or white eye shadow to line the lower line in the inner 2/3rd-
this will make the eyes look bigger esp in monolids like me.

curl the lashes and bulk up on the mascara

since i have very less eye lashes i'm wearing fake lashes to get a more dramatic look.

                                                      HAVE FUN TRYING IT OUT !!


  1. you look cute....liked your lipstick colour

  2. liked the look Phil :)

  3. I have similar issues but the other way round, I love K-pop make up but I have to change it to look good on my eye structure. -__- Love the look, the purple is very pretty! :)

    1. ahhh the irony!!!
      i love kpop girls and their make ups :)
      thank u nisha... <3

  4. Wow, Thats so pretty! Nicely done

  5. Replies
    1. thank u sangeeta :)
      i like subtle make ups.
      its work friendly .
      what abt u?

  6. You looking very beautiful and tut is so easy and quick to do...!! :)

  7. This makeup looks really pretty on you ^^

  8. i 'll try this combination!

  9. This makeup look is simple but pretty