Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kiehl's India experience

Ladies, i know i've been MIA for so many days.
Was down with typhoid and seems the antibiotic is too strong for me i cant stop throwing up (sob sob*)
I feel a little better this morning so i decided to update my blog with my Kiehl's India experience.

For those of you who do not know, i recently won a giveaway from Ankita of corallista sponsored by Kiehl's India . woohooo!! (i know i love giveaways :))
The expiry date of the coupon was 30th april so i dragged my little sisters with me all the way to Vasant kunj, Ambience Mall , Delhi. its 22 stations away from my place by metro. (hehe But anything for beauty right?)


The brand - Kiehl's - that was founded in 1851 at 109 Third Avenue in New York City's Lower East...
"Kiehl's has beauty products that are made with the finest ingredients known to us to assure the level of high quality skin, hair and body care. Their extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge developed and passed on through the generations, all of which they incorporate into the formulation and manufacturing of their products."

getting a skin consultation- turns out i have dry T-zone. and Normal to dry cheeks :p

i love their crazy SKELETORRRRRR!
this is their sample sachet cupboard. look at allll the drawerssssss!!!

sample goodies huge enuf to last me a month or more!!

i got a bag of their samples- cleanser, moisturiser, ultra moisturiser, midnite therapy, dark spot clearing concentrate and the famous Kielh's lip balm :)
Sadly, they were out of stock on the delux sample of dark spot concentrate :( so they told me i could get it the next time i come visit.(but its sooooo far from my place- i wonder if i'll ever go) sob sob

i've been using the products for the past week. mini reviews coming up in later posts.

overall, i had a wonderful time. the entire Kiehl' s India team in Delhi was super sweet!! can't wait to go there again !

thank u Kiehl's India and ankita :)


  1. congrats! even I won the same....read about it here

    1. i read it...
      but hey u'll love d lip balm!!
      i swear by it these days :)

  2. hey...ooh....even I won the giveaway but not yet received the voucher :( dying to try it out :) hope I shall receive it soon!!!

    1. swati- the xpriry date of the voucher is 3oth april ....
      why hv u not received it yet?

    2. don't know :( probably they are sending out the vouchers in rounds???

    3. i hope so too. or else u've missed it :(

  3. Woww thats soooo gr88! I want to try this brand soon!

    1. manya, im using the products tes days. wil review after using for a month :)
      loving it at the momoent ..but frigging expensive :(

  4. hope you are doing well now..............n congrats on winning d giveaway....heard a lot about kielhs, but its so crazy expensive !!! tk cr :)

    1. thanks swthrt.
      i knw its too xpensive.
      nt fr students lke us :p