Thursday, May 17, 2012

Triple winged EOTD

The bloggers at The beauty cafe group on facebook decided to have an EOTD day where we would all upload an EOTD and try to help each other improve.
here s what i made - made it esp for that day .
i love all the loveee and likes i got from my fellow bloggers.
(virtual hugs to all of you :))

look at all the comments !!!! <3 <3
1. Maybelline studio gel liner   REVIEWED HERE
   2 .Inglot amc eyeshdow 51           (reviewed HERE)
3. chambor trio eyeshadow mystic 

                                     I LOVE YOU GIRLIES FOR THE NON STOP SUPPORT  !!! 


  1. It's unique but I like it

  2. This is very pretty! I used to do this too, with black liquid liner and emerald liner for the topmost winged line. :)