Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deborah Milano 7 days long 838 nailpolish review and NOTD

I've been collecting a lot of cosmetics in Tangerine these year.
So for a little twist i decided to go for this deep fuschia with a purple undertone.
The Shade is really unique and i haven't seen much of this shade around.
I love it :)

STAYING POWER- it stays on th nails without chipping for about 4 days.
the more coats you apply the easier it chips.
so yeah..that s pretty sad because sometimes i want to just pile on the polishes :p

PRICE - Rs.230/-

CONS- availability maybe an issue.
i got it from fashion and you during the sales.
So far i ahvent come across these shade in any of the other online shopping websites
But in case you ever buy from FNY please opt for COD