Saturday, May 5, 2012

♥ ♥ ♥KAWAII eye tutorial♥ ♥ ♥

Day before yesterday me and Bharti of had long talks about what we love- ie korean and japanese fashion.

 we sent each other links of kawaiiiiii japanese gift items and came to the inclusion that when it comes to package - nothing beats the asian market :)

She made hugeeee face mask haul from and OMG the covers are soooooo cute ,i forgot to breathe :p Turns out both of us are humongous FANS.

Anyway this tutorial and LOTD is a result of the kawaii madness still running through my veins :p (IM A BIGGGG FAN OF HARAJUKU FASHION AND LOLITA)

                                   THIS ONE GOES OUT TO YOU CRAZYPOPLOCK :p
1. Maybelline gel liner - black
2.Inglot AMC eyeshadow 51 ( SWATCHES HERE )
3.Faces eye pencil - white
4.Mimididi diamond sparkle eyeshadow no.12 ( SWATCHES HERE )
5.Colorbar lash illusion mascara duo ( REVIEW HERE )
6. Fake lashes from ( REVIEW HERE )
7.Lipstick - Lotus floral glam O orange .( LOTD HERE )
make a simple winged line in the upper lid with Maybelline gel liner
do the same in the waterline
make 4-5 extra wings on the outer corner of the lower lid
(this will give impression of fake lashes)
use Inglot amc 51 and shade the inner 2/3rd of the upper lid
(extend it to the inner canthus-where the upper and lower eyelids meet)
use Mimididi Diamond sparkle eyeshadow in no.12 to shade the remaining outer 3rd of the upper eyelid.
now blend them together. but dont over do it.
Line the inner 2/3 rd of the lower lid with Faces eye pencil in white color
curl the lashes with Colorbar lash illusion mascara duo
attach the fake lashes
and VIOLA its ready :)