Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mimididi 3D Diamond Powder EyeShadow- No.12 and no. 27 review

You know that i love kkcentrehk.com.
they have the most amazing fake eyelashes at super reasonable price.

PACKAGE- the eye shaodws come in cute transparent pots. So you can easily see the shades even without opening the lid. There are 2 decks- first one for the eye shadow and the latter contains a round mirror with an applicator (awww!!) . they are travel friendly. The package is sturdy on the outside . However when you try to flip the lower deck too much, it tends to get frail and loose.

Shades- there are 27 shades.they sent me No. 12 (algae green) and no. 27 (purple).
the eye shadows are very pigmented and have velvety texture.
As the name suggest , they contain silver shimmers.
But they are not exactly micro so they tend to fall out a lot.
On me the eye shadows stay for 5-6 hours.

 What the company claims-
Brand New With Original Retail Packing Box
3D Diamond Powder EyeShadow
Suitable For Make Up
Size : 43mm X 43mm X 16mm

Go here to buy them

Price- 7.85 $

Go get this if you like experimenting with colors to get new looks :)

i created this look using the purple no.27 eyeshadow. If you want to know how to get the look, go to THIS LINK to get the tutorial 


  1. loved the algae green shade....never heard of the brand though

    1. i see ur a green fan like me :p
      even me its d first time . but there are instructions n descriptions in both chinese and korean languages there.
      so i'm not very sure which one it is...
      if its korean then korea is pretty famous in asian make up products...fingers crossed

  2. WOW looks gorgeous on you.

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