Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GEO Xtra circle lens - WTB31 Violet (aka diamond series)review and EOTD

Indian blogging scenario will never be the same again :p
Now that the famous "very anime circle lenses " has hit the blogosphere.
And kpop fans, harajuku ,ulzzang lovers in India can now drool over this :)

 PACKAGE- UNIQSO sent them in super cute package . Its so cute.i'm never throwing it away lol The vials were bubble wrapped and very sturdy along with a blue lid simple lens case. It reached me within 8 days by registered post. How cool is that!!!
A circle contact lens, also known as a big eye contact lens and circle lens, is a cosmetic contact lens that makes the eye's iris appear larger; this product originated from South Korea.

 Circle contact lenses make one's eyes appear larger and come in a variety of colors and effects. They have been around since 2004 and are very popular in Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. The diameter of regular contact lenses that are sold in the United States are on average 14mm–16mm, similar to the diameter of the cosmetic circle contact lenses.
The difference between the two types of lenses is that circle contact lenses are tinted not only in areas that cover the iris of the eye, but also prominently in the extra-wide outer rim of the lens. The result is the appearance of a bigger, wider iris and create an illusion of large, doll-like eyes. The optical zone in the middle is transparent and it is large enough to provide clear vision.
close up look
 The lenses are popular among Asian teenagers and young adults. Many people consider circle lenses to be a fashion accessory rather than a medical device. They are often used to create a look reminiscent of anime characters.They are also used to create the Kawaii look which is characterized by large eyes with anime-like features, or the Eoljjang look.
in daylight

with the flash

without lens and with lens
Manufacturer: GEO Medical
Diameter: 15.00mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.70
Replacement Period: within 12 months
Available Power: Plano only
Place of Origin: Korea

 the design was much better than it looked on the website picture. the violet and black are arranged in diamond pattern.

 Violet is among my favourite colors so i'm totally in love with this one. I love how the Violet and black blend so well and make it totally wearable. i don't get the weird "is she a vampire?"looks from people .

 As you can see in the pictures, the enlargement is enormous . It is 15 mm in diameter. Wearing it can be a little difficult if you have tiny eyes like me lol

The first 15-20 minutes i can feel a gritty feeling in my eyes (foreign body sensation) But it eventually goes away though very slowly.

The black blended into the violet subdues the vibrant effect of the lens. So its wearable for day to day look . Its barely noticeable unless the person looks really hard ,its difficult to see the violet inside the room( and that's why i love it because i don't want my eyes screaming "look at meee!!")

You can get the same one HERE in UNIQSO
USE THE CODE "UNIQ" to avail 10% discount


  1. Cute post :) I get my lens from Uniqso too :)

  2. really? nice!! which ones do you have?

  3. 15mm :o I get scared wit 14.5 mm only..I wish these had more water content though..I have the Almond Brown ones.. :)

  4. Wow this is amazing!

  5. yea the water content is a little low but its not a problem for me bcz i rarely wear it for long duration :)
    i want the almond brown soo badly lol

  6. you shoudl try ithis D

  7. Oooh! Pretty! You really look like an ulzzang! Haha! I love how the lenses give a sparkly effect! And I love the violet too. LOL!

  8. awww.... thank u :) and the plus point is its not thattttt vibrant so i cn wear it in public . :) btw i'm soooo tired waiting for my hair color from crazyhair!! i love their colors..thank u thank u :)

  9. Don't worry they will take at least a month to come! They take a month to reach me also. x.x

  10. whattttttt !!!!!! heart attack*
    by that time i'll be bald lol i'l hv to dye my scalp instead lol

  11. Wow! this looks so good phil.! Love love love the purple on the outer rim. :D

  12. thank u jyoti :) have u tried circle lenses?

  13. haha i was scared too.. but now no turning back :p

  14. haha. I know.thts y never tried only. :P :D

  15. it was scary at first lol but i think from next time i'll try only 14.5 mm.
    tes are 15 mm :p
    14.5 will look more natural

  16. I dint even know they have size specifications. : |

  17. yes they do.
    there's 14.5 mm
    15 mm
    16 mm
    17 mm
    lol the 17 mm will fill my entire eyeball!! hehe

  18. lolz. bt i wonder who buys them??? A Vampire?? :P

  19. oh girl!! people actually buy them.
    i heard some 1 say she only wears 17 mm
    and wearing 15 mm was too small for her !!!
    i never thought 15 mm will be this big untill i tried wearing them lol
    but i love the colors they come in

  20. :O :O :O Cool! For somebody as illiterate as me even 15mm sounds too big now. :D

  21. i think 15 mm is good for dramatic anime looks.
    but for everyday subtle looks i'll go for 14.5 mm

  22. Beautiful ♥

  23. You look gorgeous! They really suit you!

  24. thank u Milky Quartz

  25. awww..... thank u so much dear!!!

  26. wow thats really pretty!! loves loves!


  27. thank u huey :) will check out ur blog now

  28. omg lovely! You look like a doll. I am curious how it will look on me :P. Great review! ^_^. Purple color looks so natural tht its amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on these circle lenses! :P.

  29. arigato swthrt!!! i knw.. who would've thot purplr cld be natural :)
    i'm soo dying to see you wear urs :)

  30. That's really looks so fabulous on you. These circle lenses makes your eyes looking big & very pretty. I have never tried circle lens before, but I think I need to try it because my eye balls are small sized & I think it'll give a good look.

  31. hi colorvue :p you should try it :) however if you're a beginner i suggest you start with lenses of 14.5mm or 14.8 mm

  32. love the review..and you look so pretty in bharti said..just like a doll <3

    your eyes look so beautiful!!

  33. Thanks Dear ! for your advice. Ya sure I am definitely gonna try it :)

  34. do let me know how it looks on u :)

  35. beautiful blog.. now following you..

  36. can you pleae tell me how can i purchase them in india?

  37. Ya I have tried it & got so many compliments for circle lenses..Thanks for telling me size & encouraging me to wear it.

  38. its not available in india so far. you have to buy it online from international websites. however you can try healthkart.
    they have colored contact lenses

  39. you are most welcome :)
    do u have a blog?