Monday, May 12, 2014

Nail Nation 3000 PineApple Cuticle Oil Review

 With all the pretty polishes in town we can barely take a break from applying them on our nails.
Take a deep breathe and give your n*ked nails some Tender Love and Care.
I use nail creams regularly.(Iraya Bamboo nail care cream)
For the past 2-3 months i've started using cuticle oils too.
Here is the review of Nail Nation Pineapple cuticle oil.
Comes in a cute container that looks like baby's feeding bottle.
Has a pipette so i don't have to dip  my fingers into it.
Makes the whole process mess free.
 It comes in 3 flavors-
1.Hawaiin Plumeria
2.Warm Vanilla
PRICE- $7 for 1 oz or 30 ml approx

i apply a lot of polishes but once or twice a week i like to keep my nails polish free.
During those days i take generous amount of this cuticle oil and massage the nails,cuticles and whole fingers gently to let the oil soak in.
I prefer to do this at night before bedtime as this gives the cuticle enough time till morning to absorb and leave it smooth and well moisturised.
The quantity is a lot and i'm sure it'll last me atleast 4-5 months.
The fragrance is really fruity.
Of course,its an oil but its not greasy.
You can check out her store.
Links Listed below.
Check out full swatches of her polishes 
 Nail nation Holo  Swatches


  1. This sounds lovely, I bet it smells amazing! I always seem to forget to use cuticle oil at bedtime, I'm getting better at remembering though :)

    Jess xo

  2. This sounds amazing :)

  3. cuticle oil is really imp! Ur pics are so cool :)

  4. i use it only once/twice in a week :P