Friday, December 27, 2013

Iraya Vanilla Whole Milk Lip Balm And Bamboo Nail care cream Review

 IRAYA Vanilla and whole Milk Lip balm
Comes in a glass bottle.
The package has a very homemade look to it.
The quantity is a lot and has two years expiry date.
It will last me a long time.
The only con in package would be that it is bulky and not very fancy.
Dipping fingers in the bottle may not be desirable for many hygiene concerned people.

It is supposed to be a Vanilla and Whole Milk Lip balm but the fragrance is more "milky" and less "Vanilla-ey".

The lipbalm is transparent,moisturising and keeps my lips soft and supple for 1-2 hours.
Not overly greasy and ideal for use before application of lipsticks.It doesn't make my lipstick bleed at the same time keeps my lips hydrated.
You know how some lip balms have the post application effect and if you cease using it it dries out your lips more?
Well this one doesn't have that problem.
It does the job well and if you are looking for a lip balm which is 100% vegetarian and cruelty free then go for it.
PRICE Rs.245 for 20 gm
Contains-oils of jojoba, castor, wheat germ, hazelnut & vanilla

IRAYA Bamboo nail care cream
Has the same package like the Lip balm so i get confused at times when i have to apply them.(I would like to suggest them to try something innovative with the package.It would be unpleasant if i end up applying nail cream on my!!!)

It is composed of bamboo and herbs.
Esp designed to fortify brittle and cracking nails.
Soften cuticles too.
I don't have brittle nails but i use this to moisturize my cuticles esp before bedtime and when i'm about to take pictures of my nail arts.
(you know how dry cuticles can look really hideous and run even the best manicures.)
This helps a lot.
It is thick white and creamy.But not greasy.
So after you gently massage these on your nails you can carry on your normal activities like using Touchscreen phone :p
Though the result is slow and you need regular use to see the result.
I would love to carry this around in my bag to smoothen my hands but sadly the package is little bulky.

This is also 100% vegetarian and cruelty free.
Plus tested for allergy.
PRICE-Rs.295 for 20 gm.
Contains-banslochan (eye of bamboo), sesame oil 


  1. Thumbs up for being natural and cruelty-free...Nively reviewed hun :) <3

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  3. This looks really pretty :)