Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - Coupon destination

With a new coupon site coming up in India every few minutes, we are left to wonder about how they work and if they are really beneficial to us. is one of the most popular online coupon distribution network. 
It has been around since July 2011

On opening the site,I am greeted by a pop up offering 250 points as rewards on registration.
It gathers ecommerce coupons, deals and offers from across more than 800 Indian stores,
 curates the same and displays the same in the website.
The site has coupons divided into as many as 40 categories.
They have unique loyalty program which rewards engaging.
You can know more about it by visiting this link HERE
     The website also tags each coupons and discounts if it is applicable for respective banks including its applicability for specific credit cards like master card or visa which is clearly mentioned in the respective offer eg INTEL LAPTOP
     If you have a wordpress blog then this site also distributes its data API to power different widgets - 
Get the widget for your blog HERE
You can earn money from the same.
I often check out coupons for movie tickets.
Sometimes you can strike a great bargain if they have buy1 get 1 free :p
     You can save each and every coupons, if you are a login user for future usage.
     You can bookmark the respective ecommerce stores through your logged in account, so that any new coupon added in those stores would be informed to you first.
Some of the coupons listed do not actually require any code but it does simplify stuffs for us in the sense that I don’t have to browse endlessly just to find a good deal.
Personally I like to browse coupons for pizza hut and domestic flights.
The layout is simple and user friendly.
When i find the coupon of my choice,i simply click the offer and it opens a new tab of the website which has the product.
You can keep updated with their site via their social media platforms
FACEBOOK                 TWITTER
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