Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Hair Care Regime for Hair Fall

 I miss those days when i had super thick and luscious hair.
My hair fall started during med school days- Stress of exams being the main cause which led to Telogen effluvium which continued for 3-6 months.
And exams after exams did no good for my hair.
Even after coming to Delhi the hair fall continued to a point where the cycle became vicious-
Stress---->hairfall----> stress----->hairfall
Until recently i added some new products and my hair fall is reduced to minimal or none.
I couldn't help but share this great news with you all.

 Damoae Therapy tonic-
This is especially formulated for hair fall prevention.
Will do detailed post of this product soon.
I massage this into the scalp overnight .
  Damoae Therapy Shampoo-
Is from the same range as the tonic.
I wash my hair every alternate days with this shampoo atleast twice a week.
Both the tonic and shampoo are expensive but they are working so it is worth it.
Available at wishtrend.com
Will do a detailed post soon.
 Essential Nuance Airy hair Mask-
Its a mask but i use it like a normal conditioner after every hair wash.
Gives a lot of volume and makes my hair really soft.
Got this from sasa.com
Little goes a long way.
This has lasted me nearly a year.
Follihair Biotin and other vit supplement tablet-
I've been eating this for over 2 months now.
Don't expect an overnight miracle but after 10-15 days my hair fall reduced from lets say 20 to 5 strands daily.
It is a little expensive .
About Rs.200 for 10 tablets.
You can get this in any chemist store.

Head and Shoulder Anti Dandruff Conditioner-
I get bored of the using the same thing so recently i started trying this product too.
Its not great but i use this twice or thrice a month just to break away from the routine.

Sunsilk Keratinology Shampoo-
I have colored hair so i use this atleast once a month.
Its not my fav product in fact i hate that it makes my hair really coarse but preserves the hair color well.
but i'm just trying to finish it off.
One of the products i regret buying.

Post Hair Wash Care-
I use Matrix biolage serum /Innisfree camellia lotion(Reviewed HERE)/Schwarzkopf serum

My hair fall has been reduced super drastically.
These are the products that worked for me after a lot of searching and experimenting.
The products might not work for everyone but i would 100% suggest BIOTIN 10 mg tablets for 3 months course and see the difference for yourself.
Hope this post helps those who are facing bad hairfall problems.


  1. I'm gonna buy me some biotin soon. Will try out this brand u have mentioned. Sadly that hair mask did not work for me that much but loved the way it smells :D.

  2. Doctor, do espouse to all your readers the benefits of using a generic version of Biotin instead of your pricey-fancy one:D
    Have to check out this Damoae....hmmm.

  3. I know how you feel!! I had most horrible hair days during 8th and 9th semester exams, plus of course the postings, where the hospitals acted almost like a furnace :(
    For me, biotin and FA tabs did it. Plus of course I took FeS with it. Still, I guess it will take sometime before I can get my previous thick hair.
    I am looking forward to try the shampoo and contioner that you use. Loved the post :)

  4. I have tried these tablets too! :D They work quite well initially :) need to try the mask

  5. Majority of biotin is expensive .
    this one has other vitamins and minerals too so you don't need to take them separately.
    drugs from good brands have better bio-availabilty.
    Eg paracetamol from Company cipla having 500 mg and another local company's paracetamol 500 mg.
    They both have same mg but the bio-availabity from cipla is better. which means the fraction of the drug that reaches unchanged to your systemic circulation leading to more efficacy.
    thats the easiest explanation i can come up with lol
    Whatever biotin tablet you take make sure it has 10 mg and is from good company like cipla , gsk etc

  6. I am facing hair fall problem too. Tried SPA and now LOREAL Renew C treatment to get damage control and reduction in hairfall. I am using Sunsilk shampoo+L'oreal X-tenso Serum+ X-tenso Masque. Was suggested to start using morocco oil.. I will check Damoae Therapy Shampoo. Though not in favour to taking supplements

  7. The Damoae products sound really interesting! I lose so much hair, especially when I wash it, I may have to look into those. Really interesting post, thank you for sharing!

    Jess xo

  8. Like the sound of the Essential hair mask.

  9. Frances CurzonHepworthMay 27, 2014 at 6:49 AM

    Really interesting read! Love the look of the hair mask, plus I'm a sucker for pretty packaging ;) Great post!

    Frankie x

  10. hehe im a sucker for pretty packaging too :p

  11. i love it.
    its one of those products that i've been using forever but haven't reviewed yet

  12. i used to lose sooo much hair whether its wet or dry .
    thought i would go bald :(

  13. Supplements are good as long as its not in excess and i would suggest it only for 3 months 1 tab daily.

    Shampoo and masks only act externally.
    But if they work for you then its great <3

  14. ya, its supposed to be only for 3 months.

  15. take 1 tab daily for 3 months n take a break .

  16. The Damoae tonic seems good. I think i should start taking biotin supplements too.