Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nail Nation 3000 Holographic Polish swatches

I am here with the Second set of Holographic polishes from Nail Nation 3000 March New Launches.
Actually i was supposed to swatch the 4 of them together but i really liked "Holo in the Bad Lands" so much that i had to swatch it first.
Anyway the 3 remaining shades are Freak Sauce, summer berry sorbet and Board Walk Empire.

You can visit the Links below to check out more polish in Nail Nation Store.
Which one is your fav? 

 Freak Sauce is a red based tangerine holo polish.
Don't let the name freak you out as it sets into a warm holo color and will suit anyone. This shade somehow reminds me of Indian Brides.

 Summer Berry Sorbet is a Purplish Pink Holographic polish.
This shade is a little less holographic as compared to the other 3 shades.
Nonetheless has a mind of its own and looks really yummy.

 Board Walk Empire is the brightest and most holographic polish in my collection.
I can imagine using this for some Peacock Nail art.
The color is royal and majestic.


  1. You have such darling finger nails & those polishes are lovely, especially the blue and coral one :D

  2. gosh...the swatches are amazing.. and i loved the blue paint :)

  3. I love that one too :-)

  4. The blue is my fav too

  5. Wow I like them all but especially the Freak Sauce - cool as!


  6. Beautiful swatches, I loved both freak sauce and board walk empire !

  7. You have such gorgeous nails! I really wish to have nails like you have! :)
    Lovely nail swatches!