Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My blog Header Evolution Story

 This is a random blog post about the story behind my Header Evolution.
I started this blog as a ranting place when i was doing my internship.
But it gradually became an outlet for my creative side which evolved into something much bigger than i could've dreamt of.
Back then it was called "Skull Bones & Love Of  Fashion" because i was more into fashion.
Lipbalm/gloss was all i used back then.
It was a long and tedious name so after a year or so i changed it to Dr Poison Ivy's Beauty Blog.
And so "the boy" and i sketched this logo for my blog.(you know the girl with green vines as a crown)

 I think it is kind of Obvious from my blog that GREEN is my fav color.
I get bored easily and so if you have been following my blog from the beginning you must have seen how often i change the look :p
 I really liked the header above but it was more "Fashion and Beauty" only as the pictures depict.
I wanted my header to say everything that my blog has become now.
So yesterday me and the boy made a new Header.
Though the logo/blog button will still remain .
There is not much explaining to do about the new header.
As you can see each square depicts a particular thing about my blog-
Since it is very colorful i have set the remaining background as plain white.
Of course, i will keep changing it from time to time :p
As of now i'm satisfied with the outcome.
Btw , my blog will be reaching her 3rd Anniversary in July.
Thank you for all the love and support.
Please do continue to visit and show your love.
If you have any queries ,leave a comment below.
I will try my best to answer them all


  1. This banner is also very nice but I lived the previous one. You're really creative with the banners.if you were in Bombay, I would have asked you to help with mine ;)

  2. awww..thanks :)
    i can't take all the credit lol the boy does the tough part.
    i only have to dream :p

  3. The header looks amazing! I am planning to make a header too. Which software do you use?

  4. I liked this more than the previous one :D

  5. i really liked the one with ur pics but this one is great too :)

  6. I love the new banner :)