Thursday, October 3, 2013

Outfit Post- Wella Bloggers Meet

You can never go wrong with Black.
In fact half the clothes in my closet are black.
Though its not my fav color when it comes to dresses or shoes i always end up picking black whenever i go shopping.
I wore this outfit to the Wella Bloggers Meet (which i'll blog about later).
I wanted to keep the whole look casual yet fun.

This is my 300th blog post.
Phew!!I know i don't post daily like many of the bloggers.
I salute all those who do.
I know a lot of hard work goes into it.
i'm not going to have a celebration for reaching this milestone.
But i would like to give a BIGGGG Virtual hugs to all my readers -both new and old,ALLLL the wonderful friends i made through blogging and to those silent readers(yes you!you know who :))
It has been a great journey and i hope it continues no matter what.
Thank you for supporting my humble blog.

Cinema Secrets ultimate foundation primer(Reviewed HERE)
Missha no 21 BB cream (Reviewed HERE)
Belif almighty Sun powder compact (Reviewed HERE)
Blush-Bobbi brown Pale Pink (Reviewed HERE)
Lips-Loreal Color Riche Volcanic (almost finished but have't reviewed :p)
Eyes-Lakme iconic liner
Essence Get big lashes Mascara
Nails-Miss Claire Polish (swatched HERE)
Shoes (HERE)
Belt-Forever New
Golden Cuffs-Forever New
Earrings-Forever 21.
Sheer top-Zara
Blue leggings-Tibetan Mall (Bangalore)


  1. Wow the combination of your outfit is awesome <3

  2. You look lovely. Love the cuff...simple and so chic!

  3. You look really cute!! :) Loved your outfit.:)

  4. The blue leggings looks amaing.. liking the black sheer ttop too..!!
    You rocked it babess!! ;)

  5. omg!! how do you always manage to look so GOOD...I love your outfit posts,and of course your nail art posts too...Congratulations on the 300th blog post!! :)

  6. I absolutely loved your OOTD! The blue is just the perfect color pop!

  7. Beautiful Outfit and Gorgeous You :)
    I love sheer tops and this one is a beauty from Zara <3

  8. You look awesome, I love the colour of your leggings!
    Your makeup is lovely here, too :)

    Jess xo

  9. Not exactly my favorite color but it brightens up the black so well

  10. Cobalt Blue is fav color..u look pretty as always :) btw congrats on your 300th post :)

  11. Wow you look so pretty !! and those heels !!

  12. I am so in love with your shirt right now (:

  13. lovely! infact just now I posted on fb that i wanna wear heels daily now... you are my inspiration.. love how you carry heels to events <3
    looking tht blue <3

  14. Loved your look that day gal...Keep rocking :)

  15. love your OOTD posts :) makes me wanna do it too!

  16. You looking so cute in this outfit, love your top, me too have so many black outfits in my closet and congrats for your 300th blog post, I haven't reached 50th post yet..

  17. You look awesomeeeeee :)
    Love the color choice and makeup... n Congrats on the 300th post... All the best and great way to go :)

  18. You looked great at the meet (as always!) Congrats on the 300th post milestone!

  19. Great outfit.. I own alot of black too so I get what you mean :)

    Love your heels btw!!

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    Head over to my blog for more details:


  20. Zatheela Abdul RasheedOctober 12, 2013 at 4:39 AM

    You do look lovely :)

  21. you look stunning babes

  22. I love the pic where you are sitting on the red bench!! Soo cool :)