Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pampering session at Headstart Salon

I recently visited Headstart salon.
Address- M5,GK-1.
M block Market.
Above Gloria Jeans.
Ph no.-01165186373;01165186374 to book appointments
Though this salon was new to me i was impressed with the brands they use-RUSK and Brocato.
Under Brocato , there are various kinds of hair spas but i tried the PROTEIN SPA.
This hair spa is recommended for those with thin hair though it is a smoothing treatment.
It does not make the hair limp and instead add volume.
It is non-toxic. Formaldehyde free.
Contains natural ingredients like murumuru seed butter(provides hydration),
macadamia seed oil (leaves hair soft)
and camelia seed oil(anti-oxidant)

The area is large and spacious with stylish seating arrangement.
Warm tangerine seats line the salon against a white backdrop.
They also have nail art technician working in a centre table as soon as you enter the salon.
Starting from here is detailed pictures of the procedure involved in this Brocato Hair spa.
Start with the usual Shampoo-ing
Rinse and apply hair mask.

Steam-Yay!!!World peace lol
And rinse.

My hair after the last step-Applying Serum- that contains Moroccan Oil.
It was my first time visiting this place.
But i loved the fresh ambience.
Though i think i went a bit early ie 12 am.
They were still cleaning up the salon and getting ready for the day lol
The staffs are very friendly and the owner is a pleasure to chat with.
She is a beauty and make up expert herself so she can explain a lot about any procedure you want to get done in her salon.
I loved my hair after the spa esp when it was blow-dried.
i could really see the volume.
My hair was soft and tamed.
However after the ironing my felt a little too straight with slight reduction in volume esp in the crown area.
But i'm sure many people who want straight hair would love it.
They use a very special starightening iron from the same brand.
the unique feature about this is that it "VIBRATES".
so that the heat does not linger in one place on your hair and reduces the damage :)
Would recommend this for those with thin hair and frizz.
Or simply if you want to pamper yourself.
However if you already have straight hair you can skip the ironing.
The spa is recommended every 3 weeks.
So i'll add a follow up in this post when i go back.
They also have a procedure similar to re-bonding but much less damaging.
I'll write about that in my next blog post.
PRICE-Rs.1750 for my length (depends on length)
Until then you can check out their fb page HERE
I also have a surprise announcement about a cosmetic brand (For Beauty lovers in Delhi)

*complimentary services*


  1. Your hairs......OMG..I am staring at the last pic....Well this post has made me want to book a hair spa ASAP!

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    The salon looks lovely, too, the treatment sounds really interesting.

    Jess xo

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  13. Poo@beautyandmakeupmattersOctober 8, 2013 at 5:00 PM

    I hadnt had a spa since ages.. u made me crave for it.. :P :P
    The steam pic is cuttteeee.. and ur hair are just wooww.. <3 <3 them!

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  21. You can Book Your Spa at Headstart Salon.Call 01165186373;01165186374

  22. You can Book Your Spa at Headstart Salon.Call us at 01165186373;01165186374

  23. Hi Jess,You can Book Your Spa at Headstart Salon.Call 01165186373;01165186374

  24. Hii Arzoo,You can Book Your Spa at Headstart Salon.Call 01165186373;01165186374

  25. Hey Sugandha, Book Your Spa at Headstart Salon.Call 01165186373;01165186374

  26. Hii Radha,You can Book Your Spa at Headstart Salon.Call 01165186373;01165186374

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