Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer

 What is the worst thing that can happen to a Beauty Blogger?
Oh wait let me re-phrase that question.
What is the worst thing that can happen to ANYONE!!!??

My camera memory card got totally wiped out :( (Virus from the photo printer's shop)
3 years of pictures - all my med college memories gone .
I wanted to scream sooooo badly but then decided to look on the bright side ie FRESH START.
So no more clutter.
New pics and new memories to be made .

And with that note in mind, today i will be introducing a new brand CINEMA SECRETS.
Maurice Stein, founder of Cinema Secrets, is an Academy-Award winning makeup artist and the man behind Planet of the Apes.
In 1984, when he retired as a professional makeup artist in the entertainment industry to found a small cosmetics and special effects supply in Burbank, Maurice's Cinema Secrets became an instant hit among makeup artists, studios, and many of "Hollywood's most expensive faces." 


Since its release, Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer has become one of our most popular products. Medical-grade silicone that is fortified with antioxidants, vitamins A, vitamin E, skin-enriching green tea and grape seed extracts create a weightless, oil-free, non-drying primer gentle enough to use on all skin types.

Just a touch fills in fine lines and wrinkles to aid foundation application, prevents collagen breakdown, minimizes large pores and creates a silky smooth finish for flawless foundation application
apply with a sponge or brush to a clean face and let dry for one to two minute before applying wet or dry foundation.
When using with sunscreen, let sunscreen set for two minutes before applying primer.
Can also be mixed with Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation to thin the makeup and provide lighter coverage.
It comes in a transparent container with pump dispenser.
Since it is transparent we can easily see the amount of product remaining.

It is a clear gel and You need just one pump for the entire face.
The texture is smooth and has silicone like feel.
The ingredients lists silicone based oil- cyclomethicone and dimethicone.

It spreads very easily with the help of my COLORBAR professional stippling brush.
On application, it fills the pores and fine lines leaving the face smooth.
The best part is how it can make even the thickest foundation glide on and blend easily.
with the primer only
Has a mild floral fragrance.
But the smell doesn't linger.

It makes my make up last the whole day.
I also use this as my eye primer.
It makes the eye shadows more intense in pigmentation and longer lasting. 
With Skin 79 Gold Plus BB cream
To see other products used go HERE
The only CON would be its availability issue
PRICE- €35.91 (Rs.2000 approx)
But nowadays you can buy almost anything online.
So yay!!!

You can buy it from HERE
is Ireland's Number One Online Makeup, Cosmetics Store, Providing Makeup Courses,Make-Up Accessories and Supplies
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  1. its very sleek n elegant :)

  2. Phil ~ you look so pretty in the fotds :-* :-* :-*
    Do you have a tripod or something?? I am in look out for a primer too. Since this is not 'easily' available I am considering buying colorbar or coloressence one's. Btw, I can feel how you feel about losing the pictures. I had the same experience and yes.. I lost my college fest and convocation pics :'(

  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear about what happened to your pictures...that's terrible! But it's nice you're looking on the bright side of things :) I also lost a bunch of pictures when I left my camera's memory card on my bed and my dog chewed it...

    Glad we have Cinema Secrets here, I should definitely look for this!

  4. Thanks <3
    I got a tripod free wt my cam. Believe me it makes life of a beauty blogger so much easier :-P im also using the MUA primer but its not as good as this one.
    Maybe u can try nyx

  5. You are so lucky u get cinema secrets there.
    I also love their translucent finishing powder. U should look out for that too <3

  6. Ooh, thanks! Will do that! :)

  7. Yw <3
    Do let me know if u would like to exchange blog links/buttons :-)

  8. I'd love to! I've already added your button to my blogroll here:

    Here's mine:

    Thanks, dear!

  9. I want to try this!It seems like every other dimethicone based primer though. Its nice that it seems to have some nice ingredients in it though!Your skin is so nice naturally. :)

  10. added yours too <3 on my blogroll

  11. thanks dear but i hv mild freckles/lentigines problem on my cheek

  12. you can order it online :)

  13. the packging looks so pretty. sorry to hear about your photo >.< i know how it feels -.-

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    Luch Luch Craft OASAP Giveaway :)

    Hope you will join :)
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  14. I will check more about the brand, did not know it!


  15. Thanks for visiting my blog <3
    Will surely check out urs too

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Cinema secrets has some nice products <3

  17. i would voe to try it.. but its kinda expensive ;s

  18. I think I need this!