Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Nail Art

 Hello lovely readers, 
I am Anita from mydailynaildesigns. I am quite excited to share this post with all of you. I am quite fond of this blog and writing for this was an honour.  After thinking a lot I thought to do a Halloween nail tutorial for you guys.  Unfortunately I broke my nails so I decided to do tutorial on practice tip and also show how I fitted that design on my short nails as well. So let’s start the tutorial first.
 a white, nude, red, black and light blue-green polish for this design. 
Also a dotting tool a thin brush and toothpick.

STEPS for creating Vampire teeth.
1. Start with a nude-brown base and make a mouth wide open, using a brush.
2. Now fill inside the mouth with black paint.
3. Let it dry then start making teeth using white paint with brush or toothpick. Start by making two sharp fangs on both sides then fill in with small pointed teeth between these fangs. No specific number (who knows how many teeth a vampire has lol)
4. Do the same on lower jaw.
5. You can stop here or add some dripping blood to make it look creepier.
Please refer the picture below for better understanding.
 STEPS for creating Eyeballs.
1. Start with a large white eyeball with the help of dotting tool or toothpick
2. Now add blue-green pupil in centre and a small dot for more dimensions.
3. Add some fine veins using fine staggered strokes with red and add dripping blood to make it scary!! ewwwwwwwwww 
 And I did this on my right-hand with left (my non dominant hand) So it’s really easy to do. You don’t have to be perfect as in the end it looks all nice and scary. My 3 years old daughter was quite scared lol so i had to remove it ! This design is perfect for any Halloween Party. If you try you can share on our pages! Would love to see !

Thanks for reading and thanks for having me @Dr.PoisonIvy 


  1. Superbly done Zan...those eyeballs and the veins !!

  2. This is freaking cool! I might copy this!

  3. Ttotally. Im gona try it tooooo

  4. It's by Anita <3

  5. ohhh sorry ....Anita ...superbly done :)

  6. these are awesome!! Love the eyeballs xx


  7. apt for halloween!

  8. This is so scary :)