Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Essence Lipstick All about cupcake Review

 Its my first time trying Essence Lipsticks.
Though they have a wide range of shades ,most of them are shimmery with frosty finish.
There are just 2-3 shades without shimmer and All about cupcakes is one of them.

Has a simple plastic package.
The outer cover color is same as the shade of the lipstick so you can easily choose them if you have more than one shade.
Not very sturdy but will be fine as long as you don't sit on it lol (and i doubt anyone would do that to their lipsticks...awwww poor babies)
All about cupcakes is a n*de pink shade with a hint of coral.
In swatches it tends to be more on the coral side.
While on lips its the perfect N*de Pink.
This will be a MLBB for many girls.
Though i feel at a certain point it might look a little washed out so go crazy on the eye make up-ultra smokey etc.
The texture somewhat resembles Revlon Lip Butters(reviewed HERE).
Yes,it is smooth and creamy.
Since i have dry lips i do love applying this.
The pigmentation of this shade is sheer but can be build up for moderate coverage for those with pigmented lips.
Requires atleast 2-3 swipes.
The staying power is poor.
Its more like a pigmented lip balm.
Priced at only Rs.249 ($4 approx)
You can buy online from Essence Cosmetics India Fb PAGE HERE
or visit the outlet in 
M5,GK1,M block Market.
Above Gloria Jeans.
(P.S.Ignore my plain make up.I'm too stressed to wanna feel/look pretty these days.Exam tension :p)


  1. This shade looks so natural on you :D Lovely <3

  2. WOW you look hot ;) this shade looks too good on you !! I am waiting for diwali to be over soon so that I could get some essence

  3. I love makeup with cute names! And this is just such a lovely color! You look lovely - fresh flush of color looks awesome!

  4. It still looks good on you! All the best for your exams :)

  5. this color looks pretty on you, though it might wash me off :)

  6. You are looking pretty in this lip color, by the way what exams do you have :)

  7. Can you recommend some non frosty ones?

  8. I fear it might do that to some

  9. Yes, im so glad they didn't call it 567 lol

  10. Haha I fear u ll buy d whole stall

  11. there is one called almost famous and sparkling miracle!

  12. The colour looks good on you but is very pale for me. It would totally wash me out.

  13. Adorable! You are so pretty and cute. As you age you will keep your looks I imagine. Keep up the good skincare, stay out of the sun too. Love the lippie! Love the blog post!

  14. Thank u Marie <3

  15. Ok cool I'll check them out when I go next time

  16. How do you rather why do you always look so flawless!! I'm am so jealous now!! :P
    I am going to pick up some products when I am in Mumbai.

  17. You are flawless pretty just love that. Nice lippe shade though :)

  18. Bb creams :-P n concealers hahaha all bb creams comes in my skin tone so I guess im lucky that way heh

  19. Very pretty, looks great on you!

  20. You are looking cute as always need of anymore makeup :) and the shade is suiting you a lot!!

  21. this looks pretty and natural!!

  22. I love your beauty blog. Will you like to follow each other? xoxo

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  23. pretty shade! How's preparations going?? when ve you scheduled your All India??

  24. Woah !! Pretty shade .. looks soo pretty on you babe <3

  25. I too have some essence lipsticks and love them...this looks pretty too!

  26. This is a beautiful color and it looks amazing on you! (: